Poll: What do you think of the LEGO® subtheme Islanders?

April 1, 2009 posted by Skipper24

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We all know that the Islanders subtheme is popular, but we want to know what the reader at Classic-Pirates.com think of it. Choose from 4 varying opinions and submit your thought on the LEGO® Islanders subtheme.

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One Response to “Poll: What do you think of the LEGO® subtheme Islanders?”

  1. Alec Hazan Says:

    Well, I am a lover for Lego Pirates, but when TLC released Islanders, it was interesting to me. I thought it was an enemy to the pirates, just like the Imperial’s. But I think the Islander’s were a great addition to the pirate line and they were needed. But it was too bad they did not last as long as pirates did.


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