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Announcement: Spectator Prizes

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Prizes to win: Lego Pirate playing cards

This is a prize which you can also win if you don't have any lego. What?! Yes, that's right!  The spectator prize can be won by simply leaving a funny/original comment in as many ToRII-entries as possible. Prizes to win? 8 decks of Lego Pirate playing cards, and you get a reputation on our forum! So leave some nice comments and keep the ToR-spirit high!

Comment on the ToRII-entries in the LEGO Pirates forum!

And read more about the Spectator Prizes

HMS Borea WIP by Captain K.

Monday, July 5th, 2010

One sail is enough to participate in combat!

It may still be a WIP, but the sloop of war HMS Borea is already looking very impressive! It has a good colourscheme, some nice details on the deck and a very experienced crew. And do you think that Captain K. has forgotten an important feature? Then don't hesitate to share thoughts with him and your idea might actually be added to this -already- very fine vessel! Want to see more of this ship? Then here's what to do:

Head over to HMS Borea WIP by Captain K. in the forum!

ToR: Deadline for sign-ups: June, 29th

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Have you always wanted to kick those Redcoats? Do you always laugh when you see some Bluecoats getting slaughtered? Then don't hesitate and sign up for the Tournament of Retribution II now! The last day to do that is june, 28th so please hurry and you will be just on time to make fun of the other side! There are a lot of prizes to win and basically you need nothing more than 1 bluecoat and 1 redcoat (and a photocamera). So this is your chance to prove your loyalty to redcoats/bluecoats!

Sign up for the second Tournament of Retribution now!

And make sure to read the rules and check out the fantastic prizes!

The redcoat’s nasty secret by Brig. Brick

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Aww..looks like someone needs a medic!

Brig. Brick is a very new member of EB, and though he still has to learn how to deeplink images, he does know how to make a very good and funny comic for the Tournament of Retribution! With blood, clear images and stupid faces he gives a good laugh!

Check out The redcoat's nasty secret by Brig. Brick in the forum!

Siege and Blockade of Yorktown 1781 by KillaGorilla

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

And another great entry came just on time before the deadline. There is so much to see in this MOC that it may take a while to notice all the nice details, such as decapitation, a serious leg wound, an unseated British Lancer, and a bayonet stab. KillaGorilla shows us all the glory and horror of big Napoleonic battles. And for all the ship-fans there is also a big French ship of war in this MOC.

Discuss Siege and Blockade of Yorktown 1781 by KillaGorilla now!

Capture of the Eagle of the 45th by Tanotrooper

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Between all the big battles and huges armies, there was suddenly an entry in the Bayonets at Dawn contest with less than 10 minifigs. But it's still one of the better entries, and very original. Tanotrooper has made his own unique soldiers and horses with great techniques and details. And he was just on time; the deadline for the contest was may, 31st. So if you still have an entry not posted, you'd better do it fast and hope the best of it! Anyway, Tanotrooper did it on time so you can vote for this awesome creation (or others) within a few days!

Check out Capture of the Eagle of the 45th by Tanotrooper in the forum!

Battle of Hagelberg by Aalak

Monday, May 31st, 2010

The Battle of Hagelberg is also known as "The Battle of the (Musket)Butts". That's because it rained all day, the powder was wet and muskets and pistols were of no good use, other than to be used as clubs. Aalak grew up close to the former battlefield so it's a wise choice for him; he probably knows a lot about this battle. He did a great job with many minifigs with custom-made decals and he very clearly shows us the chaos in big battles like this.

Discuss The Battle of Hagelberg by Aalak in the forum!

French attack on the Pratzen Heights by Michaelozzie

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Austerlitz, 1805. Austrian an Russian soldiers are on the Pratzen heights. They can't see much through the fog. Suddenly the fog disappears and they see a giant French army! But it's too late already and Napoleon wins this part of the battle.

This is the scene michaelozzie has made with Lego. The soldiers are made with the smallest details and there is a lot of smoke and action in it. It looks very realistic, there's even a soldier who's leg is shot off! This is again an entry you can't miss!

Discuss French attack on the Pratzen Heights by michaelozzie now!

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