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Siege of Sevastopol by Burman

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Eurobricks member Burman has made a fantastic MOC of a battle in the Crimean War. There is a lot of action going on in this creation so it's definetely not boring! The images are of a very fine quality and it's exciting to follow a few soldiers through a hole in the rocks on to the big fight. You should really take a look at this MOC if you want to vote in the contest.

So check out the Siege of Sevastopol by Burman in the forum!

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Review: 6245 Harbor Sentry by Lord Arjay

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Eurobricks member Lord Arjay has made a very good review of the 6245 Harbor Sentry. With clear pictures, a funny story and lots of information he tells us everything there is to know about this set!

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‘Admiralty’ by Kerntechniker

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Look at those lovely windows!

EB-member Kerntechniker has made a lovely building. It's the house of a naval admiral with a big anchor in front of it. The windows are made in a very nice way and you should also take a look at the magnificent interior (on the bottom of page 1).  Overall this is a good way of making an 18th century residence and it also provides lots of ideas to other MOC'ers.

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The former ‘Albion’ by Koffiemoc

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Some time ago, Koffiemoc made a ship for the Jolly Roger Contest (on another forum). Somehow he didn't post it on our forum, but now he did! And it looks great! It's almost minifig-scale (!) and based on the building plans of a swedish coaster which makes it almost completely historically accurate. It also has some fine details like an anchor-windlass instead of a regular capstan. Koffiemoc also said he wants to make more ships in the future. Until then, we'll keep this beauty within out memories!

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HMS Lively by Kurigan

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

A brand new LDD MOC!

A new ship is setting sail! It's HMS Lively, one of Jack Aubreys ships in the Aubrey/Maturin series. Kurigan did a great job on this LDD MOC. The shape is perfect and it also has some nice details like a very inventive capstan design. This ship may be very helpful to all shipMOC'ers. Furthermore Kurigan has also made a lot of other ships, all looking excellent.

Check out HMS Lively by Kurigan in the forum now!

Latest update ‘Prins Willim’ by Captain Greenhair

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Real minfig scale it is!

Finally a new update of the mammoth ship 'Prins Willim' by our respected Captain Greenhair! The hold is now almost finished so it won't take long anymore before Greenhair will start on the gundeck(!). And that's not all. This ship is also going to have real LED-lights for the lanterns! Many EB-members say this is the best lego ship ever made. It's real minifig scale and made exactly after the plans of the real ship. Furthermore, it uses the best lego shipbuilding techniques and it has inspired a lot of other MOC'ers. If you're interested in Lego-ships, you just can't miss this beauty!

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WIP Teaser of an American Frigate by Admiral Bejaune

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
Take a look in the forums for better pictures.

Admiral Bejaune's American super frigate of 54 guns finally has a rigging! And the hull is about 95% finished, so it won't take very long anymore before a new ship will set sail on the Lego-sea. It's truly a beautiful ship and largely based on USS President. And that's not a bad thing because the American frigates were the most powerful and the fastest ships of their kind! The image is a bit blurry. For better pic's you'll have to look at some previous ones or wait for the final result. It's certainly worth to take a look at!

Check out WIP Teaser of an American Frigate by Admiral Bejaune in the forum!


Le Vigilant by Captainkiwi

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

'A watchful eye'

Being inspired by the movie Master and Commander; the far side of the world and by the new game Napoleon:Total War, Captainkiwi has built an awesome privateer ship. The custom sails, the slanted stern and some other things make it look very good. The name 'Vigilant', meaning 'a watchful eye', really suits this ship and so does the figurehead. Captainkiwi has improved his building skills since his first MOC, the HMS Royale, and with a good result.

So check out Le Vigilant by Captainkiwi in the forum!

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