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Poll: Which would you buy – the CC or the RBR?

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Big T has asked...

"Which would you buy - the Caribbean Clipper or the Red Beard Runner?"

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6243 Brickbeard’s Bounty

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Finally, this is what we were waiting for: Captain Brickbeards Bounty, the new Pirate flagship that will lead the attacks against the also new Imperial Guards!

No less then 8 minifigs, and that includes 2 Imperials and one Governor's Daughter, come with this mighty set. Also included: 3 animals (a parrot, a shark and a monkey that carries a banana), a soldiers sloop with a mounted musket and a large treasure. The battleship itself seems to have three cannons and some secondary weapons like the mounted muskets on the stern!

Take what you can, give nothing back!

"Take what you can, give nothing back!"

We can also see that the Bounty is better suited for a more extensive age group then its predecessors, mainly due to the larger bricks and the fact it lacks some details as rope for the sails which could be dangerous for little children. Not that we are going to buy one for our kids yet... One for me, one MISB for in the vault and then, just maybe, if we have some spare money AND children, a cheap second hand one for them.

Lord Admiral Phes: "Now set sail for the Pirates forum, to discuss Brickbeard's Bounty, the proud of the new 2009 Pirates line!"

8396 Soldiers Arsenal – Pirates 2009

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

This miniset represents an Imperial Guard soldier that wears blue epaulettes, a backpack and a shako. He also owns a cutlass, a musket and a pistol to defend himself against the evil wicked pirates! The small arsenal "chest" comes with this set to keep everything organized. The military way!

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An amazing armybuilder!

Oh, you would just love to have some of these, wouldn't you? (Bonaparte and Zorro certainly do)! Except for creating a giant battle between Pirates and Imperials, this impulse set seems to be a great way to build yourself a Napoleonic army as well!

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6239 Cannon Battle – Pirates 2009

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Cannon Battle (6239) is a small set, larger then the impulse packs but smaller then eg. Loot Island. Still it is one of the best value packs considering the amount of bricks you receive. You get two minifigs: one Imperial Guard and one Pirate with some handweapons. It is the cannon that is one of the most expensive items in this expansion pack though, and next to all these things you also receive a small background wall.

I want to be the soldier...

I want to be the soldier...

My conclusion is that you get quite a bit for a measly 5,99 dollars, therefore this is a great expansion pack, one you need if you buy the fortress that only comes with one cannon!

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PICTORIAL REVIEW: 1733 & 1713 Shipwrecked Pirate

Sunday, January 1st, 2006 food or rum drives me crazy! food or rum drives me crazy!

This set is merely an economised version of 6234 Renegade's Raft and I don't find it very exciting at all. There isn't really anything clever about this set either and its design isn't anything new or innovative. The rafts in 6248 Volcano Island and 6296 Shipwrecked would make better standalone sets.

What's could be put to good use in a MOC... The mini-figure... A flag... An oar... An antenna... And that's it! This set is very disappointing as it lacks content, creativity and innovation. 1 star...

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REVIEW: 6261 Raft Raiders

Sunday, January 1st, 2006
The good old Raft Raiders!

The good old Raft Raiders!

To be a sheep I'll comment on the price as well... However, I can't really because I don't remember the exact price, all I remember the set was over A$20 and that was too much for me! So I didn't buy one when it was released in 1993 because I just couldn't afford it! Year later however, now that I have more money and this website known as eBay, I've managed to score 3 or 4 of these at a good price.

Raft Raiders is obviously to the successor to 6257 Castaway's Raft and it succeeds quite nicely. It improves on the mast idea by adding a proper sail on a mast complete with rope ladders. Besides the concept of the set being a raft, there are also consistencies with is predecessor such as barells for floatation, 3 mini-figures and a shark.

Unlike its precedessor the pirates in Raft Raiders appear in a better situation as their raft look specially built for the purpose of raiding, while the poor Castaway's Raft Pirate have thrown a raft together with whatever they can muster. The Raft Raiders also have a treasure chest, where the former only possess a map, however this treasure may have come at a price since the Iron Hook mini-figure is missing an eye and hand, while another pirate is missing a leg. Raiding must be a perilous occupatation!

Overall a solid design with a goodly amount of mini-figures and accessories, something LEGO could have refer upon when designing its latest raft, the horrible 7070 Catapult Raft. So I give it 4 out 5.

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PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6268 Renegade Runner by Mister Tiber

Sunday, January 1st, 2006
Mr Tiber proudly presents:
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6268 Renegade Runner

The Renegade Runner, also called the RR was released in 1993 together with the bigger pirate ship the Skull's Eye Schooner. The ship has a crew of four and consists of 171 pieces. It has no center sections. The ship is the second ship of the Pirates line using the 12 studs wide hull pieces.

Some pictures of the whole ship.

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6268: Renegade Runner: Left Side

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6268 Renegade Runner: Frontal view

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6268 Renegade Runner: The Stern

I was quite disappointed there was no cabin, but it was probably impossible for LEGO to make a simple cabin design on a little ship like this.

The front..

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6268 Renegade Runner: Straight Ahead!

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6268 Renegade Runner: A view from above

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6268 Renegade Runner: The Figurehead

I really like this one. Simple and yet so effective.
Here's a close up of the single cannon.

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6268 Renegade Runner: The Cannon

In case you've never seen the thin Prefab hull sections, I give you a picture of the bottom!

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6268 Renegade Runner: Hull

Here is the crew of the ship. It's good they didn't choose the captain Roger fig this time.

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6268 Renegade Runner: Captain + Crew

And the accessories. Including the cool compass!

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6268 Renegade Runner: Valuable Items

And here you can find a parts inventory from Peeron.

I give this ship a 3 out of 5. I think LEGO could have put more effort in building this ship.Some things I don't like are the blue bits in the colour scheme, the lack of an anchor, the lack of a steering wheel and I think the stern section could also use some work. Generally, not the best ship LEGO made, but also certainly not the worst one.
I'm happy to own this little boat, and if you are really a serious Pirate LEGO collector, you should really try to get one of this!

Mr Tiber

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8397 Pirate Survival – Pirates 2009

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

There are two impulse packs in the new 2009 Pirates line, the Soldiers Arsenal and this one: Pirate Survival !

If I can swim back to Tortuga, I will finally be able to buy my own ship!

"If I can swim back to Tortuga, I will finally be able to buy my own ship!"

A poor shipwrecked pirate stranded on a beach...the few possesions he has left are one box with some equipment that washed ashore earlier this day. It included one pistol with one bullet, and considering the situation, the pirate made a drastic desicion. But just when he was to pull the trigger he looked down and saw a couple of huge diamonds lying next to his smelly feet! He put away the pistol and immediatly build a fire and caught some fish, how a little thing like that can change a man's mood this much!

Now let me buy you a bottle of rum and let's talk about this new 8397 Pirate Survival set in the Classic Pirates forum!

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