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Hispabrick Magazine 003

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Hispabrick magazine is a fan based Spanish LEGO® magazine. The magazine covers LEGO topics such as MOCs, events, building techniques/tips and interviews. The magazine is available for download from their website in Spanish and English for those readers who don't fluently understand Spanish language.

Hispabrick magazine is also avilible in English

Hispabrick magazine is also avalible in English

Hispabrick's latest issue features a small pirate section that goes back to the beginning of the Pirates theme and discusses what impact it has had on the LEGO company and community.

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Poll: Your favourite small Classic Pirate sailing ship

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Click here to vote for your favourite small Classic-Pirate sailing ship in the pirate forum

Size does not matter in this poll as it happens to be all about small ships. More precisely, the small Classic-Pirate sailing vessels that we have grown to love or loath over the years. Choose form a selection of 5 choices in your favourite pirate forum.

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Poll: Which Classic-Pirate figure head is the best?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Click here to vote for which Classic-Pirate ship figure head you think is best

The poll today is about the LEGO® Classic-Pirate ship sets more than the land based ones. The poll is to vote for which Classic-Pirate ship figure head you think is the best. Choose from a myriad of figure heads such as a golden parrot, skull, naked women (you can't vote Zorro), or even no figure head just like on the Imperial Flagship. So get voting now!

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Poll: Who is the greatest Classic-Pirate Leader?

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

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Pull out your voting hats because it's Poll time! In this poll created by the Mister Phes you will get the chance to vote for your favourite Classic Pirate theme leader.

Vote in the 'Who is the greatest Classic-Pirate leader?' in the forum.

Poll: Pirates or Imperials, who do you choose?

Monday, January 12th, 2009

This really is one of the toughest showdowns ever. You have to decide weather you would rather be a bloody thirsty scallywag of a Pirate or a finely dressed well spoken of Imperial. The choice is yours, settle the conflict in the forums.

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Poll: Vote for your favourite Pirates 2009 set!

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Click here to vote for your favourite Pirates 2009 set in the Pirates forum!

Captain Pegleg Blockbeard wants to know...

We, the volunteers and staff of, are interested in every aspect of the new LEGO Pirates 2009 line, therefore we want to know how our beloved members feel about this new line! Captain Pegleg Blockbeard created a new poll for us to vote for our favourite set(s)!

I also noticed a Pirates 2009 wish-list thread created by forum member UsernameMDM that discusses which new Pirates sets everyone wants to buy, and I just couldn't resist to write my opinion about them.

So come on over to the Pirates forum to vote for your favourite 2009 Pirates set and to discuss which sets you are possibly going to buy!

POLL: Which is your favorite outpost?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Vote for your favorite outpost in the classic pirate line

This is your chance to choose which outpost is better than the others! Do you prefer a pirate outpost, an imperial outpost, or an islander outpost? If you want to give your opinion and see which outpost is winning, rush down to the pirate forum and cast your vote!

ARTICLE: Pirates 2009 by TheBrickster

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Finally what we have all been waiting for - a comprehensive guide to the new 2009 LEGO® Pirates sets by our fantastic Regulator TheBrickster.

The guide even has forum ratings of the sets!

The guide even has forum ratings of the sets!

So now if there is anything you need to know about the new 2009 Pirate LEGO® sets, this is the one-stop place to go! Thank ye to TheBrickster for taking the time out of his town duties to compile this masterpiece for us!
Click to view and discuss the 2009 LEGO® Pirate set article by TheBrickster in the forum.

Black Seas Barracuda or Brickbeard’s Bounty?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Click to be part of the poll for Black Seas Barracuda and Brickbeard's Bounty in the pirate forum


Which is mightier? The BSB or Brickbeard's Bounty? They are both fierce ships that dominate the sea, but which one is more powerful? Who do you think would win? To see what other members think and to give your own opinion, rush to the pirate forum and cast your vote!

Poll: Will there ever be a new ship better than the BSB or SES?

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Poll: Will there ever be a new ship better than the BSB or SES?

Dreamweb  wants to know...

"Will there ever be a new ship better than the BSB or SES?"

After the hugely successful release of the legendary Black Seas Barracuda and Skull Eye Schooner in the original pirates line, many LEGO enthusiasts were beginning to question whether there would ever be a better pirate ship than the two. Then, without warning, the 4+ ships arrived on the shelves. Things were looking pretty bleak - until now. 2009 marks the start of a new era in the LEGO Pirate line, and leaked images have showed us some pretty sweet stuff. But are the new sets better than the original ones? Will there ever be pirate ships better than the originals? You decide!

Discuss and vote for a new bigger ship in the LEGO Pirates Forum!

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