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RTN LNA goes to Brickworld!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009
RTN LNA's fleet at Brickworld 2009

RTN LNA's fleet at Brickworld 2009

Veteran ship MOCer Kurt Baty, better known as Republic of Texas Navy LEGO Naval Architect, took his fleet (and numerous other MOCs) to Brickworld last month, and the display sure is a sight to behold! Furthermore, the RTS Zavala was nominated for, and won, the prestigious Brickworld 2009 Best Sea Craft Award.

Be sure to congratulate Kurt on his Brickworld display in the Pirate forum, or find more out about his ships here

Gentlemen, this is a day that you will always remember… by Talon Karrde

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Gentlemen, this is a day that you will always remember... by Talon Karrde in the forum

Talon Karrde recently recieved his Brickarms order, and inspired by one of our favourite Disney Pirate movies, he has come up with a grand little vignette!

Head over to the Pirate forum to see Talon Karrde's vignette.

Capstan Inn by Commodore Hornbricker

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Capstan Inn by Commodore Hornbricker on

Commodore Hornbricker has just released pictures of his fantastic new Pirates MOC, The Capstan Inn! With a grand feeling of the tudor period, but full of Pirates and scallywags, this model even features an amusing new brand of grog: Hogwarts Express.

Don't miss The Capstan Inn by Commodore Hornbricker in the Pirate MOC forum!

The Going Merry by Guss

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Going Merry by Guss in the Pirates forum

After months of effort, Guss finally produces an amazing Pirate ship. Based on that of the One Piece manga strip, this model is a perfect reflection of the real thing. Guss did a brilliant job capturing details such as the figurehead and the custom sails. This ship sure is a beauty!

Head over to the pirate forum to check the Going Merry by Guss out!

Who had turned off the light? by Ewok

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Who had turned off the light? by Ewok on

Ewok shares with us a clever little vignette depicting a blind pirate - blind because of a barrel! But where the hell did it come from? Using a simple concept and design, this MOC makes a big impression. Check this out and have your laugh for the day!

Hurry on over to the Pirate forum to see Ewok's 'Who had turned off the light?'

Pirate Volcano by Ben Ellermann

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Pirate Volcano by Ben Ellerman

As more coverage of Brickworld 2009 is released, Mister Phes finds us a great little scenic MOC, a Pirate Volcano created by admin Ben Ellermann. Featuring a light up interior giving the effect of real lava (well, almost real) this nice MOC includes some great techniques including the use of 1 x 2 grey slopes to achieve a stunning random rocky effect.

So hurry over and see Pirate Volcano by Ben Ellermann in the Pirate forum!

Fire at will! by Zorro

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Fire at Will! by Zorro

Admiral Zorro shares with us a second brilliant MOC. This time, although not big in size, this one is big in detail! Zorro has here used many innovative techniques such as his ship hull roundness and smoke. This is a lovely MOC that we're sure you'll want to check out!

So head on over to the Pirate forum and see Fire at will! by Admiral Zorro!

Redbeard’s Largest Command by legofox

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Redbeard's Largest Command by legofox on

As a great addition to the large range of MOCs created by members, legofox shares with us an amazing ship with an excellent brick built hull and great unique features such as the wooden masts and string rigging. This is a brilliant ship certainly worth a look with bigger pictures.

Hurry to the Pirates forum to see more of Redbeard's Largest Command by legofox.

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