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Le Vigilant by Captainkiwi

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

'A watchful eye'

Being inspired by the movie Master and Commander; the far side of the world and by the new game Napoleon:Total War, Captainkiwi has built an awesome privateer ship. The custom sails, the slanted stern and some other things make it look very good. The name 'Vigilant', meaning 'a watchful eye', really suits this ship and so does the figurehead. Captainkiwi has improved his building skills since his first MOC, the HMS Royale, and with a good result.

So check out Le Vigilant by Captainkiwi in the forum!

HMS Beagle WIP by the_green_avenger

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
HMS Beagle, a WIP, by the_green_avenger

HMS Beagle, a WIP, by the_green_avenger forum user the_green_avenger is well under way on his brick built ship project, the HMS Beagle. Using techniques from Captain Green Hair and Teddy as well as his own slant, his ship is coming along very well.

Check out HMS Beagle WIP by the_green_avenger in the Pirates forum!

British Frigate by Kv_d

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
A small 18 gun frigate

A new frigate has set sail!

Eurobricks member Kv_d has been working on his British Frigate from the Napoleonic era, with a very nice result! There has been put a lot of effort in it's shapes and the rigging, and the work has paid off! With it's 18 guns it can be a serious threat in small waters.

Find the British Frigate by Kv_d in the forum, before it finds you!

WIP HMS …? By Alamai

Sunday, March 7th, 2010
Ship MOC by Alamai

A new beauty is almost ready to set sail...

Although we don't know her name yet, she has made her name on the forums already! While she is still a Work In Progress, we can see she is turning out really good! Based on Alamai's own LDD creation he decided to go for the real bricks!

Time for you to check out WIP HMS...? by Alamai in the forum!

The fourth stage of Le Fourageux by Captain Blackmoor

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
The fourth stage of Le Fourageux by Captain Blackmoor

The impressive stern of the 'Fourageux'

Shipyard Master Captain Blackmoor is currently building a massive ship-of-the-line. It will probably become one of the biggest 'sailing' Lego ships ever build! In the fourth stage, we can see the part from the stern to the main mast, and the bow. This update is very useful for other shipbuilders since you can still see the construction and used building techniques. How big this thing will become, can be explained by the number of used bricks. Just for the hull, Blackmoor has already used more than 1000 'jumper plates' (so 1000 kinds of one specific brick!!). This ship is certainly worth to take a look at.

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Baron von Piggenstein’s Ship by .eti

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Baron von Piggenstein's ship by .eti

Baron von Piggenstein's ship

What to do with some Fabuland pigs and the 10210 Imperial Flagship? Just combine them! With some help of his son, eti. has transformed the 10210 Imperial Flagship into "Baron von Piggenstein's Ship".

What are ye waiting for?! Head over to the Pirates Forum and discuss "Baron von Piggenstein's Ship" by eti.!

The Tornado of Souls by Derfel Cadern

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

The ship has been captured by pirates and renamed 'The Tornado Of Souls', and is now under the command of Captain Cadarn the pirate lord!

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100% LEGO!

Discuss Derfel Cadern's 'The Tornado of Souls' in the Pirates forum!

H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483

Monday, February 15th, 2010
H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483

H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483 on

With a fierce name and a broadside to match, the H.M.S. Imperial Shark is the latest creation from Eurobricks and member mattb483. In his ship he has used custom sails, some nice rounding techniques and some great stern detailing. She is a huge ship, and she has some equally huge photos so you can see all the details!

Sail to the pirate forum to see H.M.S. Imperial Shark by mattb483.

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