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Achille, a French Frigate in progress by Perfectionist

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
What is that on the horizon?

What is that on the horizon?

What was a sub-project first turned out being a spectacular build! Eurobricks forum member Perfectionist is working on his Achille a few weeks now, and it becomes better every day. One of it's many features is it's incredebly detailed interior! The whole ship is modular, which makes this vessel even more spectacular.

Make sure you follow the Achille Frigate progress in the forum!

WIP Phantom MkII by Zcerberus

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
The Phantom will set sail soon again!

The Phantom will set sail soon again!

Zcerberus fantastic ship the Phantom is undergoing an immense update! The black ship wasn't called the Phantom for nothing. Now there is a change on the way! The ship will contain more dark red, a nice tiled deck and much more!

Follow the progress on Phantom MkII by Zcerberus here!

Another minifig scale ship!

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Another minifig scale ship on

Wow, we have another minifig scale ship in the making! Perfectionist has started work on a minifig scale (1:52) French 80-gun ship-of-the-line. Next to the massive projects by Teddy and Captain Green Hair, there is a fairly large minifig scale fleet floating around the Pirate forum!

So check out the WIP Superbe by Perfectionist in the Pirate forum!

WIP: Achille by Perfectionist

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

WIP: Achille by Perfectionist on

After following the instructions provided by Captain Green Hair and adding his own touch, Eurobricks and member Perfectionist has shared some Work In Progress images of the newest French frigate on the 7 seas, the Achille.

Check out the WIP Achille by Perfectionist in the Pirates forum!

L’Aigle by Admiral Criossant Updated

Friday, October 9th, 2009
A happy Admiral Criossant eating some criossants on his update L'Aigle

A happy Admiral Criossant eating some criossants on his update L'Aigle

Forum user Admiral Criossant has shared with us the latest update to his fantastic ship. Almost ready to take to the waves, she is looking quite sound. With a lovely interior and an even better exterior, he has done a suprurb job so far, the final product will be brilliant!

Come and see the updates of L'Aigle by Admiral Criossant in the Pirate forum.

HMS Venture by Unitron6991

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
Is the new HMS Venture able to defeat Brickbeard's Bounty?

Is the new HMS Venture able to defeat Brickbeard's Bounty?

Another fearsome ship has crossed our path, this time it is the mighty HMS Venture, a Brickbeard Bounty Ship modification made by Unitron6991. With a nice coloursheme, nice sails and powerful armament this ship looks like it came directly from the Royal Navy! There is also an epic seabattle scene in it which you really have to see!

Discuss Unitron6991's HMS Venture in the forum before it sets sail!

Sailing Yacht by Ralph_S

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Sailing Yacht by Ralph_S on

Although not 100% a Pirates creation, this MOC was so well done that we just had to frontpage it. Forum user Ralph_S demonstrates his talent with the brick with an outstanding pleasure cruiser. One very interesting part of this MOC, other than the SNOT hull, is the clever use of round 1 x 1's for furled sails. If only there were a few stripey shirts and some bandanas on the crew...

Check out Sailing Yacht by Ralph_S in the Town forum!

The Missing Anchor by NewRight

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
A remarkable vessel, but why is the anchor missing?

A remarkable vessel, but why is the anchor missing?

There we have the Missing Anchor! A small, highly detailed ship made by the good builder NewRight! The ship has a mystery on board concerning it's anchor, as the name tells us,  it is missing! With strange angles and new building techniques on such a small ship you really have to check it out!

Hurry to the forum to find The Missing Anchor by NewRightalong with her mystery!

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