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HMS Destiny by jansued

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

HMS Destiny by jansued on

Although not quite the golden age of sail, this was a ship that ended the era. member jansued has created the feel of an old timer warship brilliantly with a few things that maybe aren't so realistic added to crush the bluecoats...

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Crimson Dawn by Logan4480

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Sailing over the horizon comes the Crimson Dawn! Ready to plunder and to strike fear in even the stoutest soldiers with it's array of cannons and dreaded charcoal black sails. Fitted with three decks and a crew of 28, the Crimson Dawn was not the biggest vessel ever created but it was one of the most feared across all the 7 seas able of crushing a Imperial man o' war hands down.

it was not the largest vessel but one of the most feared on the seven seas

'the Crimson dawn was not the biggest vessel ever created but it was one of the most feared across all the 7 seas able of crushing a Imperial man o' war hands down.'

The Crimson Dawn was created by Logan4880. It features three manble decks, 15 cannons, 18 crew members and 3 masts. You can really see this ship is a force to be reckoned with. On the top deck a swiveling cannon is present aswell as the mighty masts supporting blcak sails. Below deck are the cramped working conditions for the gunners who make it possible to take out forts and other vesseles.

Click here to disucuss Crimson Dawn, a MOC by Logan4480 in the forum.

Sang Royale by Admiral Bejaune

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Sang Royale by Admiral Bejaune on

Admiral Bejaune shares with us his latest masterpiece, the Sang Royale. As the flagship of his sigfig, she has 64 guns, 12 sails and a length of string that would make anyone lose track! She is for sure a fantastic ship, and only pictures can truly do her justice.

So race to see the Sang Royale by Admiral Bejaune in the forum!

Lion of Luebeck by maydayartist

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Lion of Luebeck by maydayartist

Lion of Luebeck by maydayartist

Yargh, Eurobricks and member maydayartist has been busy at work with a wonderful Pirate ship! Seen in the brilliant photograph set in his Pirate Island above, she is a fantastic ship that makes use of some interesting techniques such as the SNOT sides of the ship. This galleon is ready to take on any fleet!

Race to the Pirates forum to see maydayartist's ship before she sails away!

RTN LNA goes to Brickworld!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009
RTN LNA's fleet at Brickworld 2009

RTN LNA's fleet at Brickworld 2009

Veteran ship MOCer Kurt Baty, better known as Republic of Texas Navy LEGO Naval Architect, took his fleet (and numerous other MOCs) to Brickworld last month, and the display sure is a sight to behold! Furthermore, the RTS Zavala was nominated for, and won, the prestigious Brickworld 2009 Best Sea Craft Award.

Be sure to congratulate Kurt on his Brickworld display in the Pirate forum, or find more out about his ships here

The Going Merry by Guss

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Going Merry by Guss in the Pirates forum

After months of effort, Guss finally produces an amazing Pirate ship. Based on that of the One Piece manga strip, this model is a perfect reflection of the real thing. Guss did a brilliant job capturing details such as the figurehead and the custom sails. This ship sure is a beauty!

Head over to the pirate forum to check the Going Merry by Guss out!

Redbeard’s Largest Command by legofox

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Redbeard's Largest Command by legofox on

As a great addition to the large range of MOCs created by members, legofox shares with us an amazing ship with an excellent brick built hull and great unique features such as the wooden masts and string rigging. This is a brilliant ship certainly worth a look with bigger pictures.

Hurry to the Pirates forum to see more of Redbeard's Largest Command by legofox.

HMS Victory by DundS

Monday, June 15th, 2009

HMS Victory in minifig scale by DundS

We don't usually publish MOCs that aren't already alive and kicking in our vibrant Pirates forum, but in our constant effort to provide you with brilliant MOCs as we find them, we have decided to make an exception.
So without further ado ladies and minifigs, we present to you, HMS Victory in minifig scale by DundS!
We have a member of our Pirates forum also working on an HMS Victory of similar size.

Check Teddy's Victory out in the Pirate forum!

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