Captain Blackmoor

I have always been a big fan of LEGO, first I was interested in Adventure and Wild West themes.
After a dark age I slightly began to like the age of sail. A friend of me had the same hobby and we've visited the Amsterdam and the Batavia. We are planning to visit the HMS Victory too, along a lot of other museums and ships.

My friend (Admiral Croissant at Eurobricks) sent me an email with a link to CP. I had encountered this site many times at google and I decided to join. After some encouragements, YnyklY joined too. From that moment I started posting daily and became a citizen. I was very happy with that.

The Reviewers Acedemy was opened! I signed up because I like writing, especially about LEGO sets. But at that same time a problem occured: My pictures were not that good. I'm still working to improve the quality of my pics so I can write more reviews in the future.

I had used almost every brick in my town (known as Port Augustine now) so I hadn't enough for the PTV contest.
After the contest I started buiding on my first big project: the Le Formidable. I saw a lot of ships and interesting building techniques in the forum. Especially the "La Mort Royale" from Captain Green Hair was a huge source of inspiration.
I ordered my first Bricklink bricks, I had never heard of that site before I came here.

When the Shipyard Ranking System was released I didn't know exactly what it was, but now I do since I was selected to become a Video Editor. From then I spend a lot of time on producing video's for the Youtube Channel.

The new Captain's Cabin Contest encouraged me to go building MOCs again. I've made my entry but it needs some more updates. The rigging from the "Le Formidable" is nearly complete, it's a tough and time consuming job. And time is always the big problem with LEGO.

Meanwhile I've started working on a second large ship, and learned to write articles for the frontpage of!
An amazing job and I will continue it for a long time. I'm still working on a large video though, with some naval battles in it! So keep an eye on the horizon! From news writer I have gone through the ranking system towards Shipyard Master, and replacing Captain Zuloo as one of the blog administrators.

Classic-Pirates has become a daily stop for me. I'd recommend you to do the same, there are so many things to learn here!

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