Erdy's Words

Erdbeereis has been a member of Eurobricks since January 31st 2008. He was born in Germany and visits relatives there every year. He currently resides in the midwest United States, but cheers for Germany in all sporting events.

He enjoys all things LEGO, playing sports such as soccer, tennis and golf, cooking and traveling. His dark ages ended in 2007 when he received his first LEGO set in 5 years while on vacation, and hasn't looked back since. Now, he does something LEGO related whenever he has the chance

Erdbeereis loves LEGO sets, but his favorite thing to do with LEGO bricks is make MOCs. He enjoys updating his Flickr site, and seeing all of the great MOCs on Eurobricks and other LEGO websites which often inspire him and give him new ideas.

Erdbeereis joined the Classic-Pirates team in early 2009 and has enjoyed working at ever since.

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