Once apon a time there was a small child named Scorpiox. Scorpiox lived in a town in England. The young chap loved playing with intersting multicoloured LEGO bricks. As the years went by he discovered these bricks also could be made into models, and the people who made them even sold pre-made models as well! He gained a few of these through birthday and christmas, and fell in love with the 'LEGO men' in these sets. The people who made these bricks started making themed sets, starting with 'Space', 'Castle' and 'Town'. But along came the tall-masted ship of LEGO heaven. Pirates.

Scorpiox lked looking at pictures in catalogs of these sets, he loved the soldiers and the beautifully detailed pirates. But Scorpiox could only get his little paws on small pirate sets, but when he got older, he realised he could buy as much LEGO as he d**n well wanted!

But to Scorpiox's dismay, LEGO no longer made the pirate sets! He had to live with knights and adventurers, but when Scorpiox grew into a man, he discovered the jewel-studded crown that is eBay.

Scorpox discovered that eBay was full of pirate LEGO swag, so with trembling pincers, he purchase the sets of his childhood...

Scorpiox started with the 'Imperial Flagship' and the 'Caribbean Clipper', but then got himself a few pirates and crew. The Caribbean Clipper met with an unfortunate 'accident' and was destroyed, but Old Scorpiox picked up the pieces and started to build something new (Which still isn't finished d*****t!)...

But the story continues, Scorpiox purchased LEGO battles mainly because it featured pirates. He noticed there were 'Islanders', he'd seen and heard of these before. And apparently they were part of the pirates theme. Scorpiox cruised the internet to find these little guys, and stumbled accross a 'Guide to the Pirates minifigures Part IV: The Islanders' on an interesting site called Classic

Scorpiox is now a member of this community, and rejoicing in what he loves the most.

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