Review 4194 Whitecap Bay by VerSen

April 6, 2011 posted by Admiral Croissant

review set pirates caribbean whitecap bay mermaids gold bars light jack sparrow syrena buckets bottles new

Containing lots of new torso's, heads, parts, and other great things!

Although the new Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets are not officialy in the stores yet (release date: April 2011), some people have already managed to get a few of them. Eurobricks member VerSen is one of them. And he's made an excellent review of Whitecap Bay (4194). We've already blogged some Russian reviews from VerSen, but this one is in English. So take a look at the mermaids, the gold bars, the bucket and more!

Sail to the Review 4194 Whitecap Bay by VerSen in the forum!

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