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WIP Phantom MkII by Zcerberus

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
The Phantom will set sail soon again!

The Phantom will set sail soon again!

Zcerberus fantastic ship the Phantom is undergoing an immense update! The black ship wasn’t called the Phantom for nothing. Now there is a change on the way! The ship will contain more dark red, a nice tiled deck and much more!

Follow the progress on Phantom MkII by Zcerberus here!

For Whom The Bell Tolls! By Derfel Cardarn

Friday, October 23rd, 2009
Now we all know where the bell sound comes from!

Now we all know where the bell sound comes from!

Eurobricks member Derfel Cardarn strikes again! This time he has been working on this church! With some great building and landscaping techniques he managed to surprise us once again. There is even a sinister story behind it which you really have to read! Perhaps we will see some night scenes in the near future as well…

Now hurry to the forum and discuss For Whom The Bell Tolls by Derfel Cardarnbefore the priest closes the doors!

Spanish Colonial Outpost by Exotrator

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
Watch out for the Blowgunners!

Watch out for the Blowgunners!

Exotrator surprises us with his nice comeback, making a Spanish Colonial Outpost! There are a lot of cool aspects in his creation, the landscaping looks great and there is an interesting Carib blowgunner in there as well.

Make sure you check Exotrator’s Colonial Outpost out before the Carib blowgunners capture the outpost!

Tournament of Retribution: The Winners!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009
Now who is the winner after all?

Now who is the winner after all?

As some of you may know, a couple of weeks ago the famous Tournament of Retribution ended. We’ve seen a lot of slaughter on both the Red and the Blue side, and we’ve seen even more fun!

A quick summary of the tournament: It all started with 4 Blue and 4 Red teams.
They had furious and humoristic battles no one had ever seen before!

Ravenous Redcoats vs. Blue Thunder
Bloody Brilliant Redcoats vs. Bluecoats Team 3
Raging Redcoats Regiment vs. Out of the Blue
Courageous Redcoat Company vs. Big Bad Blue Bastards

The four winners were chosen by the judges and the winning teams went through to the next round!

Out of the Blue vs Green Thunder
Bloody Brilliant Redcoats vs. Big Bad Blue Bastards
The judges picked out the best teams, so there were two teams left!
This time the spectators had the opportunity to choose which Red and Blue member were the best of all!
The winners this time are:

Joey Lock from the Red side, and Captain Green Hair from the Blue side!

The organisator, Commodore Hornbricker donated two LEGO 6242 Soldiers’ Forts for the winners! A great prize!
Perhaps we’ll see another Tournament of Retribution in the future…

HMS Venture by Unitron6991

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
Is the new HMS Venture able to defeat Brickbeard's Bounty?

Is the new HMS Venture able to defeat Brickbeard's Bounty?

Another fearsome ship has crossed our path, this time it is the mighty HMS Venture, a Brickbeard Bounty Ship modification made by Unitron6991. With a nice coloursheme, nice sails and powerful armament this ship looks like it came directly from the Royal Navy! There is also an epic seabattle scene in it which you really have to see!

Discuss Unitron6991’s HMS Venture in the forum before it sets sail!

The Missing Anchor by NewRight

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
A remarkable vessel, but why is the anchor missing?

A remarkable vessel, but why is the anchor missing?

There we have the Missing Anchor! A small, highly detailed ship made by the good builder NewRight! The ship has a mystery on board concerning it’s anchor, as the name tells us,  it is missing! With strange angles and new building techniques on such a small ship you really have to check it out!

Hurry to the forum to find The Missing Anchor by NewRightalong with her mystery!

Petition: The end of pirates mid 2010!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 LEGO Ambassador Bonaparte brings us sad news this time. The pirates line will discontinue  in the middle of 2010! Lucky enough it is a break, which means the Pirate theme will come back sometime in the future. But for how long do we have to wait? Some people think it will be a year, other people are afraid it takes another couple of years like the previous Pirates line. Since the new Pirate sets sell like hot cakes, and all the positive upcoming Pirate sets speculations it is unexpected news the line will take a break during 2010.

Share your thoughts about the fact the Pirates line discontinues here!

But don’t give up the ship! A petition has started to keep the Pirates theme running! Sign it here!

Grenadiers a Cheval by michaelozzie

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
Check out this fantastic customization work in the forum!

Check out this fantastic customization work in the forum!

And yet again, michaelozzie brings us an amazing ammount of highly detailed and accurate custom minifigures! This time it is the famous Grenadiers a Cheval, nicknamed “the gods” because they were never defeated in the campaigns they took part in. With an outstanding job of customization you really don’t want to miss it!

Check michaelozzie’s Grenadiers a Cheval out before they march to battle!

Castaway Pirate by michaelozzie

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
Will the pirate land safe and sound on the beach?

Will the pirate land safe and sound on the beach? member michaelozzie shares a nice creation with us again! This time it is a castaway pirate, landing on the beach in a hilarious way! With some nice techniques for the wave and beach you really have to see it!

Will the poor fellow survive the crash? Find out by checking it out in the forum!

Review: 6265 Sabre Island by Zorro

Monday, August 24th, 2009
6265 Saber Island review by Zorro

How does the Bluecoats' fort stack up to the competition?

A great review of a great set! Thanks to the nice pictures and heaps of information you are able to discover the secrets of this popular set! With the nice amount of three minifigures and great parts this set is a must for every LEGO pirate collector!

So hurry and sail to the forum to discuss one of the most popular pirate sets of all time!

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