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“HMS Ymir” by Wellesley

Monday, July 22nd, 2019 Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

Wellesley, a player for Corrington in the Brethren of the Brick Seas crafted this gorgeous 14 Gun Brig which he named “HMS Ymir“, complete with custom sails, rigging and flags.

Set sail right now to the Brethren of The Brick Seas Subforum in to support the Corrington Royal Navy war effort and join us to debate about the differences between Brigs and Brigantines.

Wellesley writes:

This is my first entry for the Oaken Shield task “Sloops for the Royal Navy” of the Guild of Corrington challenge.

The Ymir is the first warship leaving the Farrensman Shipyard. His long time experience and success with ship designs in general lately brought him the attention of the admiralty, which is always looking for ways to strengthen their fleet. For Jorin Farrensman thus the opportunity was created to gain insight in a slightly new field of work.

She was built to protect trading convoys, her sleek lines provide great manoeuvrability and mobility to reach any point of the convoy rapidly.
Her specialised targets are corsairs. Next to escort duty, she surely could go on the hunt for smugglers.
Though her armament of seven carronades each broadside plus two more astern were not meant for greater naval battles or situations, in which two ships fire at each other from a certain distance to damage rig and hull. But as a vessel, that comes in for the rescue, any Corrish or Altonian ship will be relieved to know of her support. From a short range her carronades will send their most devastating rain of iron chalazions and decimate the opponent crews.

Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

Letter to the Rear-Admiral

Rear-Admiral Fletcher
Commander of the Royal Terra Novan Fleet

with much pride I hereby report, that yesterday, on the 17th of July 619, the first ship ordered by the admiralty launched at the Farrensman shipyard.
The 14 gun Brig HMS Ymir is completely armed and equipped, ready to take on voyage as soon as demanded.

Your humble servant,
Jorin Farrensman
Shipwright of Hvalfanghimr

Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

About the Builder…

Wellesey must have a shipyard in his spare room! He’s like a foundry which specialises in MOC ship construction, although he occasionally dabbles in depictions of habour life.  You can see more of his superior shipbuilding skills on Flickr.

Photo of "HMS Ymir" by Wellesley

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