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Review: 30132 Jack Sparrow Promotional Figure by Captain Green Hair

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

jack sparrow minifigure set polybag special rare pirates caribbean rum parts pieces wooden

Take a look in the forum for better pictures.

Even though it's a mini-review of a mini LEGO set, this review is worthy of taking a look at. It's just one minifig, representing a wooden Jack Sparrow. Could this have something to do with the movie? It probably does, and it sure is special.

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by Captain Green Hair in the forum!

Sunset Grog by Inkog

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
moc pirates caribbean rum grog sunset house boat water sea trees beach fisherman hms

The combination of sunset and grog must be the ideal for every pirate!

Even though he says it's a quick weekend MOC, Eurobricks member Inkog did a marvellous job here. It's inspired by Whitecap Bay, which is a set from the new LEGO PotC-line as you know. It does look like Whitecap Bay, but perhaps this MOC is even better.

Comment on Sunset Grog by Inkog in the forum.

Review: 4181 Isla De Muerta by WhiteFang

Sunday, April 17th, 2011
review pirates caribbean cutlasses swords holders isla muerta sets 4181 barbossa jack sparrow elizabeth swann gold cortez

Lots of treasure! Could it be any better for a pirate?

The first sets of the upcoming LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean line are getting in the stores and the first reviews are slowly getting on our forums. One of the first of them is a review of Isla de Muerta by Eurobricks member WhiteFang. This set has some very good points. Especially the new parts like compasses and sword holders are very appealing. It also has some less good points though. But according to most of our members, the set is well worth it. What do you think?

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HMS Surprise and USS Constitution by BlaketheAdmiral

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

ships schepen hms surprise uss constitution frigates cannons interior pirates sailing sails minifigure scale bricks brickbuilt

Under full sail and in minifig scale!

He's not a member of our forums yet, but Flickr member BlaketheAdmiral has made two very impressive and famous ships out of LEGO! HMS Surprise and USS Constitution, and both in minifig scale. They are very detailed and they both have an interior.

Visit HMS Surprise and USS Constitution by BlaketheAdmiral in the forum.

HMS Ares WIP by Aalak

Sunday, April 10th, 2011
ship moc frigate cannons hms ares achille vesta trincomalee surprise yards sails war class gunports british pirates

A fine new frigate for the British fleet!

There's a great new shipbuilder on our forum. Eurobricks member Aalak has made a fantastic classic frigate, based on Achille, Trincomalee and Vesta to name a few. Apart from the sails the ship is finished, and it's already an impressive sight!

Hurry up and see HMS Ares WIP by Aalak in the forum!

New update ‘Prins Willim’ by Captain Green Hair

Friday, April 8th, 2011
Prins willim willem minifigure scale ship voc east india company war sea battle ruyter sails pumps tromp heyn

At the previous update, Green Hair had just finished the white hull.

After almost 5 months of waiting, there's finally a new update of this beautiful minifig-scale ship. Eurobricks member Captain Green Hair is in the progress of buying a new house, so we probably have to wait another year for the next update. So enjoy these pictures and take a close look on them!

Check out the New update 'Prins Willim' by Captain Green Hair in the forum!

Review 4194 Whitecap Bay by VerSen

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

review set pirates caribbean whitecap bay mermaids gold bars light jack sparrow syrena buckets bottles new

Containing lots of new torso's, heads, parts, and other great things!

Although the new Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets are not officialy in the stores yet (release date: April 2011), some people have already managed to get a few of them. Eurobricks member VerSen is one of them. And he's made an excellent review of Whitecap Bay (4194). We've already blogged some Russian reviews from VerSen, but this one is in English. So take a look at the mermaids, the gold bars, the bucket and more!

Sail to the Review 4194 Whitecap Bay by VerSen in the forum!

HMS Pickle by Dread Pirate Wesley

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

ship pickle trafalgar topsail schooner nelson horatio hms masts windlass guns stern bow sprit brickbuilt hull details decks

Perhaps the most famous ship of Trafalgar outside of HMS Victory.

Although the Battle of Trafalgar is known for a fight between ships of the line, there were also a few very small vessels present. HMS Pickle was one of them. A small but also a very fast ship. She was also the first ship to bring news of the victory at Trafalgar (and Nelson's death) to England just 14 days after the battle. Eurobricks member Dread Pirate Wesley has made this fine vessel in LEGO and he did an excellent job. Even more because it's his first attempt at a historical ship.

See more of this creation in the forum.

INDEX: Historic and Replica Ships by Perfectionist

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Ship Index reference pictures details masts sails yards capstans helms gunports cannons main mizzen fore top pirates navy uss hms Have you ever been looking for a certain ship detail without finding it? That problem is going to be solved. Eurobricks member Perfectionist has made a ship index full of pictures of even the smalles details. So far, the Ship Index contains: HMS Surprise (ex-Rose), USS Constitution, HMS Victory, HMS Trincomalee and HMS Warrior. If you have pictures of other historic ships, they can be very useful for the index.

All discussion, suggestions, and picture requests can be done in this thread.

Lots of new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean stuff

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

pirates caribbean barbossa jack sparrow elizabeth swann gibbs davy jones theme game black pearl flying dutchman dauntless eic east india company kraken isla muerta setsOur PotC themes discusssion thread may seem a little bit confusing with 111 pages, so here are some interesting new finds:

  • Two trailers of the new LEGO video game: here and here.
  • There is going to be a mysterious wooden Jack Sparrow minifigure.
  • There are a few reviews already on a Russian forum (in Russian, but the pictures tell the tale):

Reviews: Isla de Muerta, The Cannibal Escape and Whitecap Bay, made by VerSen & Zeek.

  • And finally, a few new posters of the movie have been posted here.

And if you've seen all this stuff, it's time to...

...discuss it in the LEGO Pirates Forum!

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