Guide to Blogging

So yer want to be a LEGO Pirate blogger?

This guide will teach even the most stupidest of pirates how to write superb blog posts.  Everything you need to know will be explained in easy step by step instructions.

You will be insulted. You may even cry, but you will be the finest blogger to sail the LEGO seas!

Table of Contents

  1. How to Select a MOC
  2. How to Create a Blog Post
    1. Saving Posts
    2. Setting the Difficulty Level
    3. Post Author
    4. Post Title
    5. Permalink
    6. Categories
    7. Featured Image
    8. Creating Post Content
    9. The Excerpt
  3. How to Format a Blog Post
    1. Paragraphs
    2. Headings
    3. Bold & Italics
    4. Block Quotes
    5. Hyperlinks
    6. Dividers
    7. Strikethrough
    8. Lists
    9. Paste As Text
    10. Clear Formatting
  4. How to Schedule a Post



  1. Writing Post Excerpts
  2. How to Start MOC Blog Posts
  3. Quick Update Posts
  4. Ideas for Post Content
  5. How to Maximize Gold Earnings


  1. How to name Image Files
    1. How to Bulk Rename Multiple Files
  2. How to Upload an Image
  3. How to Resize an Image
  4. How to Convert an Image
  5. How to Download Images
    1. LEGO Ideas
    2. Flickr
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