Pillage the Village Voting

December 7th, 2008 posted by Sea Eagle

It's almost time to select the winners of the Pillage the Village Contest.

Voting Schedule

Division #1 Small - Sunday 7th to Saturday 13th
Division #2 Medium - Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th
Division #3 Large - Sunday 21th to Saturday 27th

Rules for voting

  • Only make one post in the voting thread.
  • You may vote for 3 entries - 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • The first line of your post should indicating your first choice and match one of the lines above the pictures (example: 1. Dreamweb - The Spaniards are attacking!) .
  • The second line of your post should indicating your second choice and match one of the lines above the pictures
  • The third line of your post should indicating your third choice and match one of the lines above the pictures
  • The fourth line of your post should be empty.
  • From line 5, you can write whatever you like (e.g. motive your choice, indicate what other entries you like, ...).
  • Whatever you write from line 5 on will count for the Creative Critic Awards.
  • If you joined Eurobricks after 1st of December you are not allowed to vote!!!
  • Voting for your own entry is allowed.

Where to Vote

Standby...  The Division #1 Small voting thread will be available soon...

Marooned! by Obxcrew

December 6th, 2008 posted by Zorro
Obxcrew's FIRST Pirate MOC...this expert vignette builder finally joined the 'Pirate side' of LEGO. And just look at the result, amazing indeed!
Click here to discuss Obxcrew's Marooned in the Pirates forum!

A lonely pirate on a lonely island...

Check out the great bird, and use of a dementor cape for a torn sail.

Discuss Obxcrew's Marooned! in the Pirates forum!

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Gen. Knowledge

December 5th, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

"I can't do this anymore - there is no hope. I just...can't go on."

Click to discuss If Tomorrow Never Comes by Gen. Knowledge in the pirate forum

Gen. Knowledge presents us with a tale of treachery and woe, deception and lies, sadness and misery. With a very inventive use of green whip pieces as a tree, this MOC is presented beautifully in every aspect.

Come and see If Tomorrow Never Comes by Gen. Knowledge in the pirate forum.

POLL: Which is your favorite outpost?

December 4th, 2008 posted by Zorro

Vote for your favorite outpost in the classic pirate line

This is your chance to choose which outpost is better than the others! Do you prefer a pirate outpost, an imperial outpost, or an islander outpost? If you want to give your opinion and see which outpost is winning, rush down to the pirate forum and cast your vote!

New LEGO Pirates sets on LEGO S@H!

December 3rd, 2008 posted by Zorro
The new pirate 2009 sets are now available on Shop@Home, the online LEGO® store, for those living in the US. All sets except the modular fortress are present. Let's hope Europe and the rest of the world also gets them before Christmas.
Click here to buy the new Pirates 2009 sets on LEGO.com!

Finally! My poor wallet...

So go buy the new sets in the online LEGO S@H store, or discuss this long time speculation in the Pirates forum!

Clear Sea CobbleStone by NewRight

December 2nd, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo
Strange things on the horizon...

Strange things on the horizon...

"Sir" says the fort watchman to his admiral. "Look to sea!" The admiral turns in the direction the watchman is pointing. "Why I do beleive it's - it's a man in a box! What will our SeaBoard adventurer find in China?

Find out what the man in the box is up to.

Pillage the Village entries are CLOSED!

December 1st, 2008 posted by Mister Phes

No further entries will be accepted for the Pillage the Village Contest at this time, Creative Critics however may still continue to leave feedback.

LAST OPPORTUNITY to ensure your MOC Entries and Entry Threads meet the Terms & Conditions. Any MOC Entries end Entry Threads not meeting these terms will be disqualified.

Stay tuned in this thread for further instruction...

Pillage the Village final moments!!!

November 30th, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

Hurry! Pillage the Village is almost over, and what a fantastic competition it has been. So many prizes and such worthy entries all round! Surely the biggest LEGO© contest of the year. But remember, there is only a short time left, so take your final images and make your final constructive critisism, and get them into the Pillage the Village subforum before it's too late!

Pillage the Village is almost over! Rush to the pirate forum to get your final entries in

Good luck to everyone from the Classic-Pirates.com team!

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