Governor by Me Onesies by SirNadroj

October 21st, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

"After crashing against a shark infested reef, our lone Imperial Governor is stranded on a small, unstable spit of land. And I think the heat is getting to him..."
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Not too long ago, SirNadroj treated us to a beautiful MOC - The Drunken Kraken. She was a sturdy ship, said by some to be unsinkable, so it came as a great surprise to Eurobricks members when she was found at the bottom of the ocean! I guess that's just what happens when sailing in enemy waters...

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Barracks by Kris Kelvin

October 20th, 2008 posted by Mister Phes
Barracks of the I Handgunners Hochland Regiment

Barracks of the I Handgunners Hochland Regiment

Kris Kelvin has packed in incredible detail - but it's the brick and woodwork that really turn the heads.

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62 Imperial Guards/Soldiers with 6266 Cannon Cove and 6265 Saber Island

October 19th, 2008 posted by Mister Phes

Look what we've found! 62 Imperial Guards/Soldiers on eBay with 6266 Cannon Cove and 6265 Saber Island thrown in for good measure!  A rather sizeable army indeed!

Would you like to command these troops?

Would you like to command these troops?

It seems almost everyone wants to build a bigger army so auctions like this really help - if you can win them of course.

Discuss this eBay find in the LEGO Pirate Forum or place a bid on eBay - who knows, you might become the commander of this grand army!

Poll: Will there ever be a new ship better than the BSB or SES?

October 18th, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

Poll: Will there ever be a new ship better than the BSB or SES?

Dreamweb  wants to know...

"Will there ever be a new ship better than the BSB or SES?"

After the hugely successful release of the legendary Black Seas Barracuda and Skull Eye Schooner in the original pirates line, many LEGO enthusiasts were beginning to question whether there would ever be a better pirate ship than the two. Then, without warning, the 4+ ships arrived on the shelves. Things were looking pretty bleak - until now. 2009 marks the start of a new era in the LEGO Pirate line, and leaked images have showed us some pretty sweet stuff. But are the new sets better than the original ones? Will there ever be pirate ships better than the originals? You decide!

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Cast-A-Way Lonesomely by NewRight

October 17th, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

Stranded - and a good find.

Stranded on a remote island - but wait! Is that the wreckage of a ship?  It appears our intrepid hero has constructed shelter from whatever he could muster and somehow gathered a fine selection of food.  How he baked that bread we may never know...

See the shipwreck for yourself and discuss to your heart's content!

Pillage the Village Staff Competition
“Light the Beacons” by SlyOwl

October 16th, 2008 posted by Mister Phes

You've got your chance to smash each other's brains out in the Pillage the Village Contest, but now it's the Eurobricks Staff's turn! There ares some crazy rules, mind you...

Andross calls for aid

Andross calls for aid

SlyOwl has already kicked off proceedings with his "The beacons! The beacons are lit!" which depicts utter chaos, this as one would expect, is the result of pirates pillaging a village.  Use this creation as an inspiration for mayhem when you set about building your own entry.

Now rush to the LEGO Pirate Forum and discuss his chaotic entry before it burns
to the ground!  It's certainly receiving rave reviews!

Cranium Crag by Legohaulic

October 15th, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

Picture of Cranium Crag by Legohaulic

Bonaparte presents us with an amazing Brickshelf find. Cranium Crag, as called by it's builder Legohaulic, is a masterpiece in many ways. With it's characters, shape, interior - not to mention the fantastic aplications of SNOT, this is a MOC not to be missed. If only the builder would make himself known on Eurobricks!

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StoneW4’s Mighty Fleet

October 14th, 2008 posted by Captain Zuloo

"Sail Ho" cries the lookout as StoneW4 sails into the pirate forum with his fleet! With three ships including a 3-deck ship of the line, this fleet is gold! It would make any sailors heart pound with fear.

See this powerful fleet here!

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