Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ Lt. de Martinet

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

Lt. de Martinet

As second in command of the imperial soldiers under Governor Broadside, Lt. de Marinet was constantly kept busy fighting off pirates, in particular Captain Redbeard.

Lt. de  Marinet seemed to be a very adventurous minifig, appearing in many sets including 6258 Broadside's Brig, 6265 Sabre Island, 6267 Lagoon Lockup and 6276 Eldorado Fortress. He was quite a successful leader too, serving under Governor Broadside from 1989 to 1991 when the Soldiers were finally driven out of power by the Imperial Guards led by Admiral Woodhouse.

He was always destined for adventure, and when he was given the flick by the Imperial Guards, he allegedly became a merchant captain of a small trading ship in 6277 Imperial Trading Post as Steve before joining the crew of 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Firefox

January 1st, 2006 posted by Mister Phes

This tutorial provides illustrated step by step instructions for subscribing to RSS Feeds using FireFox.


The tutorial assumes you have installed a working copy of FireFox version 2 or above.  If you have not installed FireFox, please visit the official FireFox website for further instructions.

Step 1 RSS News Feed Logo

Navigate to the website and click upon the RSS button (as pictured above).


Enter into the Address Bar of your FireFox browser. Clicking on the link should open it in a new Browser Tab.

Step 2

In the webpage which loads you should see the following:

Subscribe to RSS Feeds using FireFox Step 2a

Click upon the Subscribe Now button.

Step 3a

A dialogue box will appear:

Subscribe to RSS Feed Step 3a

This dialogue box allows you to choose whether you want to add the RSS Feed to the Bookmarks Toolbar which by default runs horizontally beneath the Navigation Toolbar.

Click the Add button.

Step 4a

The Feed will now appear as a Dropdown Menu in the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed Step 4a


If your Bookmarks Toolbar already has numerous links, the News Feed Menu will appear in the Overflow Menu.

Adding the RSS to Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

To locate the News Feed Menu click upon the >> Button on the far right of the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Adding the News Feed to the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

The Overflow Menu will appear with a list of links that can't fit into the Bookmark Toolbar.  The News Feed will most likely be placed at the bottom of the Overflow Menu.

Step 3b

Alternatively you can add the RSS Feed to the Bookmarks Pulldown Menu.

Subscribe to News Feed Step 3b

Click on the Create In Dropdown Combo Box and change the option to Bookmarks Menu or the Bookmarks Folder you want it to appear in.

Now click the Add button.

The News Feed will appear as a sub-menu in the Bookmarks Menu.


The News Feed sub-menu will probably appear at the very bottom of the Bookmarks Menu, so you may need to drag it to the desired position.


Every time the frontpage is updated, the News Feed menu will be  updated simultaneously.

Problems?  Questions?

Never fear!  We're here to help!  Discuss the News Feed in the LEGO Pirates Forum.  Let us know if you're having trouble or using a program we haven't got a tutorial for.

Other RSS Readers?

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Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ Captain Redbeard

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

Captain Redbeard, the true king of the LEGO pirates line

Captain Redbeard

Also known to the pirates in some countries as Captain Roger, Captain Redbeard is certainly in control of these waters! Being the only pirate to appear in almost every set, he was quite regular in everyone's collection.

He commanded his flagship, the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, but has also been seen to sail in comand of ships like 6285 Skulls Eye Schooner, 6289 Red Beard Runner and 6250 Crossbone Clipper. He also appeared in many of the land based sets as either a master, or an enemy.

His main rival in the earlier sets, 1989 - 1991, was Governor Broadside, although was later replaced by his red counterpart, Admiral Woodhouse, 1992 - 1995. These two chaps chased Redbeard around for many years, but never seemed to catch him on his ventures. He also had many attempts to steal King Kahuka and the Islander's treasure, but a later pirate, Ironhook seemed to have more success at that.

Although he is quite simple, he was quite an experiment by LEGO&reg, as he and his crew were the first minifigs to leave the classic LEGO minifig head: two dots and a curved mouth. So you could say that Captain Redbeard was a leader and pioneer in more than one field. But he will always remain the main  icon of the LEGO Pirates line.

Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ King Kahuka

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

King Kahuka was the tribal leader of the Islanders

King Kahuha

A leader in his own way, King Kahuka was the big boss of another LEGO&reg pirate line faction - the Islanders.

The Islanders were released in the year of 1994, and were apparently second rivals to the pirates and Captain Redbeard, although Broadside and Woodhouse didn't appear to have that much to do with them. King Kahuka was much more active in the world than the two military men, and about equal to Redbeard as far as how regular they were. The Islander king appeared in 6236 King Kahuka's Throne, 6256 Islander Catamaran and 6278 Enchanted Island.

Captain Redbeard was a problem for the Islander king at first, then Captain Ironhook was a nuisance before Captain Redbeard returned to the scene with Ironhook as part of the crew.

A great addition to the Classic Pirate line was the Islander faction, and they were led by a more than suitable king all the way until they were discontinued in 2001.

6240 Kraken Attackin’ – Pirates 2009

January 1st, 2006 posted by Zorro

This small to medium-sized set, belonging to the new 2009 Pirates line, features a giant Kraken that attacks a small raft of some pirates that are trying to escape with their loot!

Click here to discuss this new Pirates 2009 set : Kraken attackin' (6240) in the Classic Pirates forum!

Everything BUT that box, you ugly beast!

6240 Kraken Attackin' counts 78 pieces and has 2 pirate-minifigs, a parrot and of course the Kraken itself, also included is a small raft that has its own crow's nest and a paddle to steer it! The pirates are armed with a cutlass and musket, and have a box with some gems they probably found on an island, the only thing I actually miss in this beautiful set is a sail for the raft. The current retail selling price is set at 9 USD, IMO a fair price. The LEGO Group offers an age advisory of 5 to 12 years, but that has never stopped a real AFOL before!

So rush to the Pirates forum to discuss Kraken Attackin', one of the new Pirates 2009 sets!

Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ Islanders

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

The Islander Girl

The Islanders and King Kahuka defended their homes from the Renegade Pirates

A beauty queen of the golden age of sail, the Islander girl had quite a simple face in comparison to the other Islanders with just her lipstick coated lips, two eyes and messy hair. Although this didn't stop the Renegade Pirates and Ironhook from - er - appreciating her company? She was only in two sets: 6256 Islander Catamaran and 6278 Enchanted Island, appearing in the latter with a quiver across her back - not quite the tame beauty, after all! She is thought to be King Kahuka's daughter.

The Islander Boys
The Islanders and King Kahuka defended their homes from the Renegade Pirates

Led by King Kahuka, there's not much to say about the Islander boys, because not much is known about them. They were quite secretive fellows, and they didn't let on much. But what we do know is that they were in sets 6278 Enchanted Island, 6260 Kahuka's Throne, 6241 Crocodile's Cage, 1788 Pirate's Chest, 6264 Forbidden Cove and 6256 Islander Catamaran, normally armed with spears or bow and arrows, making them essentially warriors.
The Islanders had no problems with Captain Redbeard, Broadside or Woodhouse, as the latter steered clear of them as he knew they were more skilled in battle than him, and the other two weren't on the shelves at the time.

The Islander Prince
The Islanders and King Kahuka defended their homes from the Renegade Pirates

The Islander Boys all look the same - apart from one fellow in 6264 Forbidden Cove, who wears the same bone necklace and facepaint as King Kahuka, but not the red mask. His similarity to the Islander King, but without the regal objects - the mask, staff and crocodile-chariot - leads us to believe he is, perhaps, Kahuka's son, the prince (and thus the brother of the Islander Girl).

Whenever more than one Islander appears in a set, Kahuka is always there to order them about. The sole exception is 6247 Forbidden Cove, implying that the Islander Prince has a measure of power over his fellow Islanders when Kahuka is not present.

PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6260 Shipwreck Island

January 1st, 2006 posted by Zorro
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6260 Shipwreck Island: Promotional picture

I remember being really excited about this set before I owned it, probably because it looked really interesting in the yearly LEGO catalogues. Problem was the price tag was creeping up near $30 of the local currency which is quite expensive for something this size, and even more expensive back in the early 90's.

After months of chopping my grannies' wood and watering their gardens to earn some money, the set went on sale at the local Kmart for 25% off. This was my chance to own it. So I bought one as soon as I could! Finally this set I'd been yearning for what seemed an eternity was mine!

Only problem was after I built it, the set didn't seem that exciting...

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6260 Shipwreck Island: Side pic

Click here to read the Lord Admirals 6260 Shipwreck Island review in the Pirates forum!

6260 Shipwreck Island: Back pic

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6260 Shipwreck Island: A pic from above

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6260 Shipwreck Island: The front

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6260 Shipwreck Island: The other side of the set

The set comes with all the essential pieces for building a Pirate island, only problem was for its retail price it didn't come with enough. I think this is why I was initially disappointed, I was expecting more and The LEGO Group did a wonderful job of making the smaller LEGO sets look so much bigger than they really were. Fortunately now, the set can be acquired much cheaper from eBay and my budget has vastly increased so that initial disappointment has long faded. Now I can look at this set for what it really is!

The design looks cohesive, not a "hotch potch" throw-together like its mid 90's counterpart, 6296 Shipwrecked. Everything is well balanced and the set is a marvellous depiction of two shipwrecked survivors who've built a small shelter with what little they could muster. Still, all these years later I feel the need to reiterate its a bit on the small side.

Click here to read the Lord Admirals 6260 Shipwreck Island review in the Pirates forum!

6260 Shipwreck Island: The treasure

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6260 Shipwreck Island: Monkey in a tree

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6260 Shipwreck Island: At least I can float...

Click here to read the Lord Admirals 6260 Shipwreck Island review in the Pirates forum!

6260 Shipwreck Island: The Cannon and its gunman!

Probably the most alluring aspect of Shipwreck Island is the attention to detail - there's a cannon complete with cannon balls, a palm tree, a flag, a palm tree, some leaves, treasure chest with treasure, even a tub with an oar to assist one of the pirates in seeking help. There is also plenty of mini-figure weaponary and ample fauna for the size of the island.

Shipwreck Island is definitely a good set for parts and if you were MOCing with 6270 Forbidden Island the pieces might prove useful. However, Shipwreck Island by itself would seem to have limited MOCing possibilities even if more than one was used the problem would persist due to lack of substantial building elements.

As a set Shipwreck Island would make a charming addition to your collection, it has a nice design and plenty of accessories to keep thing interesting. I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5, but this rating system forces me to round up to 3.

And now it's your turn! Rate 6260 - Shipwreck Island (not the review) in the Pirates forum, and then leave some comments!

6241 Loot Island – Pirates 2009

January 1st, 2006 posted by Zorro

And another new Pirate set from the "2009" Pirates line! Loot Island, where the Pirates hide their treasure!
This beautiful set comes with 3 minifigs and a little boat for the Imperial patrol Guard (who looks like the old Imperial Soldiers Harbour Guard, since he had a cannon too). The Pirates guard their treasure with their life and have a catapult and trained crocodile to help them, the Island itself is one big part with dots on, so you can put trees and bricks onto it. Innovative, but one has to like it.

Click here to discuss 6241 Loot Island in the Pirates forum!

Soldier: "Just give me that fish. I'm starving!"

Retail Price is about 19,99 USD and the advised age category is 5 to 12, so I don't want to see anyone older then 12 buy this set! (That way I have more...)

Come on over to the Pirates forum to discuss 6241 Loot Island, one of the new 2009 Pirates sets!

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