6241 Loot Island – Pirates 2009

January 1st, 2006 posted by Zorro

And another new Pirate set from the "2009" Pirates line! Loot Island, where the Pirates hide their treasure!
This beautiful set comes with 3 minifigs and a little boat for the Imperial patrol Guard (who looks like the old Imperial Soldiers Harbour Guard, since he had a cannon too). The Pirates guard their treasure with their life and have a catapult and trained crocodile to help them, the Island itself is one big part with dots on, so you can put trees and bricks onto it. Innovative, but one has to like it.

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Soldier: "Just give me that fish. I'm starving!"

Retail Price is about 19,99 USD and the advised age category is 5 to 12, so I don't want to see anyone older then 12 buy this set! (That way I have more...)

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PICTORIAL REVIEW: 1788 Treasure Chest

January 1st, 2006 posted by Zorro
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This time it is Pirates vs. Islanders!

This set isn't very photogenic and very easily to passed off as just a collection of pieces by looking at pictures. But in real life it looks quite nice - its a good solid fort-like structure built upon the top of a rocking outcrop. It comes with a few nice little touches such as a campfire, raft with flag for a sail, a hidden treasure cave and heaps of mini-figure accessories, like a barrell, pot, cup, goblet, weapons, island drum and ceremonial staff.

Speaking of mini-figures, for a small set Treasure Chest contins a generous amount - two Islanders and two Pirates, plus there's a crocodile to keep them on their toes. Also there's an interesting twist, that being all other sets containing Islanders have the pirates invading them, but here its the other way round.

Although the most outstanding feature of this set, is not the design itself but its box. As far as I'm aware this is the most uniquely designed LEGO box in existence. Rather than being a traditional square shape, its in the shape of a treasure chest! So from a collector's perspective without the box this set is nothing.

Overall this set is a pleasant surprise as its better than it looks, however it is by no means the best pirate set. A good addition to your pirate collection, but for those not interested in pirates then this set might not have great appeal.

Does anyone else have one? Even if you don't have it (which I guess most of you don't), what is your impression of it from viewing pictures?

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Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ Imperial Guards

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

The Imperial Guards were led by Admiral Woodhouse in their lovely red uniforms

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is a great minifig. They were some of the more common minifigs in their day, but ironically, their head piece is now one of the most sought after of all LEGO&reg minifig head pieces.

Led by Admiral Woodhouse, this minifig was in almost every Imperial Guard set there was fighting against the likes of Captain Redbeard and Ironhook. The Imperial Guard was seen in 6263 Imperial Outpost, 6277 Imperial Trading Post, 6252 Sea Mates, 6247 Bounty Boat, 1872 Imperial Guard Camp, 1729 Barnacle Bay, 6279 Skull Island, 6266 Cannon Cove and 6271 Imperial Flagship.

Although the Shako is such a sacred piece to most LEGO collectors, 2009 should drop their price considerably.  And with the price drop of the shako will come the price drop of the Imperial Guard, the backbone of the Imperial Guard army.

Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ Ironhook

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

Ironhook, the leader of the Renegade Pirates


When he was first released, Ironhook was thought to be Captain Redbeard with a different torso. This, however was not the case. Ironhook was just as much of a scallywag as his predecessor, and he got around in a few sets.

These sets were 6268 Renegade Runner, 1788 Treasure Chest, 1873 Pirate Treasure, 6278 Enchanted Island, 6261 Raft Raiders, 1729 Barnacle Bay, 6264 Forbidden Cove, and debatably, Red Beard Runner where he appeared not as captain, but as a crew member.

He often fought King Kahuka and the Islanders until he realised they were too good for him. So he then moved onto stealing Admiral Woodhouse's treasure. Governor Broadside wasn't around anymore when Ironhook had taken to the seas, but Woodhouse sure threw a heap of defence at him.

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January 1st, 2006 posted by Mister Phes

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Classic Pirate Minifigures ~ Governor Broadside

January 1st, 2006 posted by Captain Zuloo

Captain Redbeard's first opponent

Governer Broadside

Clearly a man of class, Governor Broadside was a hero to all the innocent minifigs of the era. Fighting off the likes of Captain Redbeard, he and his imperials had it pretty tough.

Although Captain Redbeard was in almost every pirate set released, Broadside only appeared in two of the larger sets, 6276 Eldorado Fortress and 6274 Caribbean Clipper. However, his second in command, Lt. de Martinet, was in all sets with the exeption of 6274 Caribbean Clipper.

He was a more than capable match for his pirate counterpart, and it was sad to see him go in 1991 after a reign lasting all the way from 1989. However, no-one is sure what happened to him. Perhaps he returned to his home when the Imperial Gaurds, led by Admiral Woodhouse, took over. Perhaps he remained a governor. We may never know. But what we do know is that he was a legend in the Classic Pirate line, and he will be remembered by AFOLs and minifigs alike.

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