Post Settings

Post Settings

It is necessary to store certain URLs in the post settings for easy retrieval, these include:

  1. The Forum Topic
  2. The Source Topic
  3. LEGO Ideas Project
  4. Building Instructions
  5. Facebook Post

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Forum Topic URL

Each MOC Blog Post should have a corresponding topic in the LEGO Pirates Forum – if it does not, set a  Source URL in the second input field.

For imported topics the Topic URL will often be set automatically.

If not, you will need to manually copy and paste the URL into the Eurobricks Topic URL Input field.

When extracting the URL, ensure it links to the first post, not one of the replies.

To do so, delete the parameters from the URL – the parameters are everything after the final forward slash.

For example:


So the following is deleted: &do=findComment&comment=3437670

Source URL

The Source URL is the address of the primary webpage which you found photos and information about the MOC you’re blogging.

This could be a Social Media platform like Instagram or Flickr, or it could be a website like The Brothers Brick.

You may have sourced content from multiple websites, so select the website which is most prominent.

Example 1: Flickr

Example 2: Instagram

Example 3: The Brothers Brick


  • You may set a Eurobricks Topic URL and a Source URL if both are available.
  • DO NOT set the Eurobricks Topic URL as the Source URL.
  • DO NOT use non-Eurobricks URLs as the Eurobricks Topic URL.

LEGO Ideas Project URL

If a MOC which has been submitted to LEGO Ideas, include the Project URL.

Please ONLY use LEGO Ideas URLs in this field.

A typical LEGO Ideas Project URL will look like:

Again, ensure you’re linking to the main tab by deleting the parameters from the URL.

For example:


So the following is deleted: comments_tab#content_nav_tabs

Building Instructions

If the MOC builder has made building instructions available, copy and paste the URL to webpage hosting building instructions.

Building instructions will be usually digitally available on websites like ReBrickable or the BrickLink Designer Program, however, occasionally they will be hosted on the builder’s own website.

Facebook Post URL

If a relevant post exists in either the Classic Pirates Facebook Page or Facebook Group you may enter its URL.

Sometimes there will be relevant posts in both the Facebook Page and Group so use your judgement to determine which post has been attracting the most activity.

Please ONLY link to Classic Pirates Facebook posts – this input field is NOT intended for general Facebook URLs.

Facebook Post URLs start in the following formats:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group


Note the above URLs are incomplete and examples of complete Facebook URLs are as follows:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

6432434 Pirate Adventure Ride

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