At the first sight of Eurobricks in May of 2008, LegoKing became a member instantly. LegoKing had noticed later on that Eurobricks has lots of great raffles and fun contests to enter. Eurobricks has very useful information and also has great updates on what TLC is doing and going to do. LegoKing also likes to observe other people’s MOC’s and see how they made their MOC and what techniques he can use to benefit in his own way of building.

Late in the summer of 2008, LegoKing was one of the first students to join the “Reviewers Academy”. LegoKing really enjoys the academy and the teachers there helping him improve on his reviewing skill on Lego sets.

What really brought LegoKing toward his love of Pirate Lego even more was the first edition of the “Pillage the Village Contest” hosted by Classic-Pirates. LegoKing took third in the “Creative Critic” part and had lots of fun creating entries for the small and medium divisions. From there on in, LegoKing wanted to help the Pirate community and later on, found an opening offered by Zorro. LegoKing instantly took the offer and is now creating ebay threads. He has even progressed further and now is writing blogs for Other things LegoKing likes to do with Lego is create any kind of MOC and put it on his Brickshelf or his MOC page.

In addition to his love of Pirate Lego, LegoKing also likes Star Wars Lego. A neat thing that he does is paint his own custom clone troopers. LegoKing mainly likes collecting Star Wars and Pirate Lego, but is happy on whatever he can get.

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