Phred’s Words

Phred’s favorite theme has always been Pirates! He went onto MOCpages in 2006, but wanted to get more involved and get to better know other pirate enthusiasts. So Phred joined Eurobricks in October 2006 and never left.

His favorite MOCs are sailing ships. This has shown in his first colorful ship in this forum that was almost completed in the Dame du Loup Thread, where he tried to make the biggest ship possible using only bricks that he already had. Then, Phred made a few ships with pre-fab hulls. However, his biggest project is a scale model of the USS Constitution. Progress is currently slow on this WIP, but he still intends to finish it and show it off at Brickworld, Chicago.

In May 2007 he got promoted to Pirate Regulator, and then in April 2008 he got promoted to Pirate Moderator. In the past, he has assisted Bonaparte with the creation and maintaining with some of the pirate indexes.

Currently Phred has taken a back seat role in maintaining indexes and working on the Constitution. He is finishing his last semester of school for Civil Engineering and spends most of his time on school work and looking for a job. Once he starts his career as a Civil Engineer, he hopes to spend more time at C-P, EB and building, and be able to afford to properly feed his Lego addiction!


The Shipyard Master’s Log

Not only does Phred do a brilliant job with the indexes, but he also puts countless hours into ensuring the pirate forum is a friendly place to be. And his Constitution is a remarkable concept that makes Phred an idol to many a pirate fan.

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