Setting the Difficulty Level

Setting the Difficulty Level

Classic Pirates acknowledges bloggers have varying levels of proficiency in WordPress, Image Editing and Writing Skills.

To accommodate each Blogger’s skill, the Blogging System has four levels of difficulty; Apprentice, Journeyman, Adventurer and Swashbuckler.

Each Difficulty Level has increasing demands for requirements such as Word Count and Image Count, but also offers Bloggers with higher Gold rewards.

Difficulty Levels Drop Down Menu

By default all new Blog Posts will be assigned Apprentice Level but more experienced bloggers should manually set the Difficulty Level depending upon the length of the Blog Post they intend to author.

Changing Difficulty Levels

It is also possible to change the Difficulty Level while the Blog Post is being written.  So, if your Blog Post exceeds the requirements for the current Difficulty Level, you may increase the level to take advantage of higher rewards.


If you change the Difficulty Level please note the Difficulty Level applied to the Blog Post will not be updated until you click the Save Post/Update Button.

Rewards and Requirements

Each Difficulty Level has requirements which must be met in order to achieve a high quality Blog Post.  In return for more demanding requirements, the higher the level, the more generous the Gold rewards.

Apprentice Level

Word Count: 125 words

Quick Update: 50 words

Content Images: 0

MOC Intro: 40 Words

About the Builder: 40 words

What Do Yer Think: 20 words

Quality Score: 65%

Maximum Bonus: 125 Gold

Objectives Reward: 3 Gold

Boost: x1

Journeyman Level

Word Count: 300 words

Quick Update: 100 words

Content Images: 2

MOC Intro: 50 Words

About the builder: 50 words

What Do Yer Think: 30 words

Quality Score: 75%

Highest Bonus: 175 Gold

Objectives Reward: 4 Gold

Boost: x2

Adventurer Level

Word Count: 500 words

Quick Update: Not applicable

Content Images: 5

MOC Intro: 70 Words

About the builder: 70 words

What Do Yer Think: 40 words

Quality Score: 80%

Maximum Bonus: 250 Gold

Objectives Reward: 5 Gold

Boost: x3

Swashbuckler Level

Word Count: 1,000

Quick Update: Not applicable

Content Images: 10*

MOC Intro: 100 Words

About the builder: 100 words

What Do Yer Think: 50 words

Quality Score: 90%

Maximum Bonus: 350 Gold

Objectives Reward: 6 Gold

Boost: x4

* Requires an additional image for every 150 words after 1,000 words is reached.

For example: 1,150 words requires 11 images in the Post Content


When you first create a Blog Post you’ll be presented with Objectives to complete.

There is no requirement to complete these Objectives in order, so if you’re familiar with the blogging procedure you may author Blog Posts as you see fit. Objectives exists to remind you of the mandatory blogging requirements.

However, if you’re learning the blogging procedure you may wish to use the Objectives as a guide to familiarise yourself with the process.

As you complete each Objective you’ll be rewarded Gold relative to your current Difficulty Level.

Once all Objectives are fulfilled, your Blog Post will be evaluated and you’ll receive a Gold Payout for the remaining tasks you’ve completed correctly.

Quality Score

As you continue to author the Blog Post the Blogging System will further evaluate your content to ensure it has been formatted correctly and meets the minimum requirements of the current Difficulty Level.

In order to present a Blog Post for Editorial (final editing by a Senior Editor before Scheduling and Publishing) the Quality Score must be equal to or greater than the prerequisite Quality Score for the current Difficulty Level.

It is normal for your Quality Score be low when you begin authoring Blog Posts and gradually improve as you add and refine content.

You will be informed of critical errors which prevent your Blog post’s eligibility for Editorial and Recommendations to improve the quality of your post further.

Highest Bonus

Every Blog Post offers the potential to claim a Gold Bonus to the first blogger who achieves a “Perfect” Post Quality rating on that post.

Your bonus begins at 10 Gold and increases with each Gold Bonus you claim until it reaches the Maximum Bonus for the current Difficulty Level, before resetting to 10 Gold.

The higher the Difficulty Level, the larger the maximum Gold Bonus, however you must remain on the higher Difficulty Levels to claim the larger bonuses.


This is a multiplier for Gold Rewards and Gold Penalties applied to the Word Count, Images, Horizontal Dividers and Excerpts.

The multipler will award you more Gold for correctly inserting and formatting content, but it will also penalise you more Gold for making errors.

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