Creating Blog Posts

How to Create Blog Posts

This article assumes you know how to select a MOC. If you don’t, you best be reading that article first!

Your choices be:

  • Create a Blog Post from scratch
  • Edit one of the Blog Posts imported from the LEGO Pirates Forum (reserved for experienced bloggers)

If you’re new blogging create new Posts from scratch.

Creating a Blog Post from Scratch

Screenshot - WordPress - All Posts - Add New Button

  1. After logging into WordPress move your mouse cursor over Posts in the main menu on the left.
  2. Click on All Posts
  3. Click the Add New Button

Edit an Imported Blog Post

Screenshot of WordPress - All Posts - Edit Post

    1. Go to All Posts
    2. Mouse over the title of the post you wish to edit.
  1. A series of links will appear beneath the Post’s Title.
    Click the Edit Link.

The Components of a Blog Post

Every time you create a post you’ll need to ensure the following are correct:

If you’re working on an imported post, most of the above will be already set. This won’t always be the case so you’ll need to ensure the content of is of a suitable standard before the post is published.

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