Creating Blog Posts (MOCs)

How to Create Blog Posts (for MOCs)

This article assumes you know how to select a MOC. If you don’t, you best be reading that article first!

Your choices be:

  • Create a Blog Post from scratch
  • Edit one of the Blog Posts imported from the LEGO Pirates Forum

Creating a Blog Post from Scratch

Screenshot - WordPress - All Posts - Add New Button

  1. Go to All Posts
  2. Click the Add New Button

Edit an Imported Blog Post

Screenshot of WordPress - All Posts - Edit Post

    1. Go to All Posts
    2. Mouse over the title of the post you wish to edit.
  1. A series of links will appear beneath the Post’s Title.
    Click the Edit Link.

The Components of a Blog Post

Every time you create a post you’ll need to ensure the following are correct:

If you’re working on an imported post, most of the above will be already set. This won’t always be the case so you’ll need to ensure the content of is of a suitable standard before the post is published.