Instagram Standards

Classic Pirates Instagram Image Standards

The Classic Pirate Instagram account is another medium through which we reach and interact with LEGO Pirate enthusiasts.

This guide is intended to ensure we maintain a high presentation standard for all images shared through the account.

Post Schedule

Once every 2-3 weeks a Carousel Post containing up to 10 images is shared.

The posting schedule follows the alternating ShipNon ShipShip Non Ship pattern among the various LEGO Pirate sub themes; Pirates, Soldiers (blue coats), Imperial Guards (red coats), Indigo Islander and Imperial Armada to ensure a wide variety of content.

The aim is to avoid posting MOCs from the same sub theme over two consecutive posts and evenly space the sub themes.

Selecting the Correct Images

To maintain the high level of presentation we only post content that could pass as professionally created media.

Please read the guide on How to Select a MOC for a more detailed explanation of which images to use.

Image Dimensions

While Instagram accepts multiple image sizes, the Classic Pirates Instagram Account only shares images with the dimensions of 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels.

This is to ensure the images display properly without letter boxing outside of Instagram.  For example: the homepage of

1080 x 1080 Instagram Dimensions

All Instagram Images should be 1080 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall

Incorrect Instagram Dimensions

Other image dimensions are not permitted

Cropping and Framing Images

  • Images should be resized and then cropped to the correct 1080 x 1080 dimensions while avoiding letter boxing.
  • Images should never be upscaled or stretched (I.e. a small image should not be increased in size) as this can reduce the quality or distort the image.

No Horizontal Letter Boxing

The image must extend the to the full height of 1080px tall.  There should not be any negative space above or beneath the original image.

Horizontal Letter Boxing

The blue background has been extended above and below the image to fill the 1080px height

No Vertical Letter Boxing

The image must extend the to the full width of 1080px wide.  There should not be any negative space to the left or right of the original image.

Vertical Letter Boxing

The blue background has been extended to the left and right of the image to fill the 1080px widrg

Do NOT Stretch Images

Original images should not be stretched horizontally or vertically to fill the 1080 x 1080 dimensions.

Stretched Images versus correctly sized images

The images on the left have been stretched,
while the images on the right have had their backgrounds extended

Do NOT Squash Images

Images should not be compressed horizontally or vertically to fit within the 1080 x 1080 pixel dimensions.

The aspect ratio of the original image should be maintained by either extending the height or width of the background, or cropping the image.

Instagram Image Dimensions - Compressed horizontally

The image on the left looks squashed horizontally,
while the right image’s background has been extended in extended height

Sometimes the background of an image will be too complex to extend, so cropping may be a more suitable option.

Instagram Image Dimensions - Vertically Compressed

The image on the left has been squashed vertically while the image on the right has been cropped

Framing Wide Shots

For wide shots, ensure the MOC sits entirely within the frame unless it cannot be avoided.  Ideally, there should be a small amount of negative space surrounding MOC without letter boxing.

Correct MOC Framing

Frame wide shots so negative space exists between the MOC and the edge of the image

Correct MOC Framing of ships

Extend the background to ensure ships fit within the frame

Cropping and Framing Close-Ups

Close-up images should be cropped so important features or minifigures occupy the frame.

Correctly cropping and framing a close-up image

Frame the image so the campfire and minifigures are centred

Correctly cropping and framing a close-up image

Crop the image so the bow of the ship and figurehead are centre-framed

If an image has a high resolution, it can be cropped to better frame details and action, providing the new cropped dimensions are not less than 1080 x 1080 pixels.

This allows close-up images to be created from the source image, so both wide shot and cropped close-up could be used as part of a carousel.

Wide shot cropped to appear as a close-up

Wide shots can be cropped to appear as close-ups

The above image has been cropped to focus upon the three minifigures near the shore, evenly distributing them across the frame.

Ensure Shadows Are Not Cut Off

When a MOC has a shadow ensure the shadow does not appear cut off.  Extend the shadow or blend it into the background.

MOC shadow blended into background

The image on the right has the MOC shadow blended into the background

MOC shadow blended into background

The shadow cast on to the wall behind the ship should be removed while the shadow beneath the ship is minimized

It’s highly recommended to NOT completely remove the shadow as this may give the appearance the ship or structure is floating.

Image Retouching

Sometimes images will require basic adjustments to their colour levels, brightness, contrast, tone, etc. to improve their clarity.

Image Retouching: brightness and contrast

The image on the right has its brightness and contrast adjusted

The above example demonstrates how adjusting the brightness and contrast:

  1. Improves the visibility of the details on the ship’s hull.
  2. Blends the shadow into the foreground.
Image Retouching: saturation

When possible increase the saturation of the colours for a more vibrant image

Remove Background Distractions

If the background is a solid colour, the background distractions should be removed or minimised as much as possible.

Crease removed from behind ship

The crease has been removed from behind the ship

Background behind ship cleaned up

The background colour behind the ship has been removed

In some instances the background needs to be both removed and expanded to 1080 pixels.

Background behind the fort has been removed

Remove the original background and expand the new background to 1080px

In the above example, the bottom of the blue base plate / water exceeds the frame.  This is because original photo was framed this way and originally lacked the front corner.  So, in this instance, negative space is not required at the bottom of the image, otherwise the base plate will appear to be cut off.

Also, the background colour has been changed to contrast with the white used in the structure,

When to Keep the Background

Sometimes builders edit background imagery into their images, or photograph their creations against backdrops or scenery, or a combination of the two.

In this case background removal or tidying is not required, yet it is still important to avoid letter boxing.

MOCs with edited background images

Examples of MOCs with their original backgrounds removed and a new background edited in

MOCs with photographed against backgrounds

MOCs photographed against a background

Editing in New Backgrounds

If you have the skills to remove an image’s original background and edit in a new background, you may do so.

MOC with original background replaced

The plain white background has been removed and a Computer Generated background inserted

MOC with original background replaced

The background has been removed and replaced with an illustration

Logos and Titles

Sometimes builders edit a title or logo into their images.  These should be preserved for the first image in the carousel, however you may need to reposition them when cropping and framing images.

They do not however, need to appear on each image in the carousel but can also be edited into the final image.

MOC title incorrect repositioning

Logos and titles should not appear cut off and be re-positioned to fit comfortably within the 1080×1080 dimensions

Titles and logos may be scaled down if they are dominate in relation to the size of creation. However, once scaled, the text within them should remain legible.

Title and logo repositioning

The title and logo have been re-positioned to fit within the new 1080×1080 dimensions

Title repositioning for 1080x1080 dimensions

The title has been repositioned to fill the negative space in the top-right when the image is cropped to 1080×1080

MOC Acknowledgements

Classic Pirates would like to give thanks to the creators of the following MOCs:

“Parasio” and “The Estrella” by NOD

“LEGO Pirate Village” by Anne Mette V

“The Home of Peg Legged-Bill” by Mind the Brick

“Captain Sabretooth” by Legofjotten

“The Briney Brick 83; Harvest” by Jan Kusters

“Spanish Galleon Warship” by Kwakly/Babyteeth

“Castaway’s Raft Reimagined” by Nick Goodman

“Eldorado Fortress” by Jorstad Designs

“Belisarius” by Delusion Brick


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