Instagram Standards

Classic Pirates Instagram Image Standards

The Classic Pirate Instagram account is another medium through which we reach and interact with LEGO Pirate enthusiasts.

This guide is intended to ensure we maintain a high presentation standard for all images shared through the account.

Post Schedule

Once every 2-3 weeks a Carousel Post containing up to 10 images is shared.

The posting schedule follows the alternating ShipNon ShipShip Non Ship pattern among the various LEGO Pirate sub themes; Pirates, Soldiers (blue coats), Imperial Guards (red coats), Indigo Islander and Imperial Armada to ensure a wide variety of content.

The aim is to avoid posting MOCs from the same sub theme over two consecutive posts and evenly space the sub themes.

Selecting the Correct Images

To maintain the high level of presentation we only post content that could pass as professionally created media.

Please read the guide on How to Select a MOC for a more detailed explanation of which images to use.

Image Dimensions

While Instagram accepts multiple image sizes, the Classic Pirates Instagram Account only shares images with the dimensions of 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels.

Images should be resized and then cropped to the correct while avoiding letter boxing as much as possible.

Images should never be upscaled  (I.e. a small image increased in size) as this can significantly reduce the image quality.

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