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Welcome to Classic-Pirates.com! Governor Broadside

The booming success of Eurobrick's Pirate LEGO® Forum prompted the development of this website to cater to the interests of Pirate LEGO enthusiasts.

Its purpose is to create a greater online prescence for LEGO SYSTEM Pirate lines and provide a comprehensive resource for everything LEGO Pirates. It also extends to cover related themes including colonial history, Napoleonic Wars, Mesoamerican civilisations (Aztec, Maya, Inca, etc) and the Age of Sail.

Captain RedbeardThis portal will allow far greater accessibility of the Pirate LEGO Forum and users will easily be able to navigate through My Own Creations, Set Reviews, Tutorials, Set Instruction and Inventories and a wealth of related material. Also, it will eventually provide an excellent factual reference base for those interested in the real-world history of the aforemented themes.

Maintained by a few dedicated individuals, Classic-Pirates.com is a brilliant source for any Pirate fan. Please look around our site and take advantage of the hoard of Pirate LEGO Information concealed within its pages, then...

Join us in the original and best LEGO Pirate Forum on the internet to discuss the LEGO Pirate line to your heart's content!

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Classic-Pirates.com is an unofficial Pirate LEGO® fan website which is not endorsed by the LEGO® Group. Please visit www.LEGO.com