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Redbeard’s Cove by maedhros1980’s

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Treasure, rum and fishin'. Only missing a ship.

Redbeard's Cove by maedhros1980's

This lovely classical pirate scene was found by our News Scout SirSven7. It's full of ship elements, there's a nice rock technique and there are a lot of typicial pirate scenes going on like drinking, fishing and fighting. Yo-ho-ho! Check it out in the Pirates LEGO forum!

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HMS Beagle by Chris Melby

Monday, March 19th, 2012
HMS Beagle

The ship that circumnavigated the globe between 1831 and 1836.

The famous ship on which a young Charles Darwin became inspired for his theory of evolution, has now been made in LDD! As far as I know it's the best LEGO model of this ship so far. Especially the deck details can be very inspirational for other ships. And of course it's nice to have a small virtual tour on this vessel.

Visit HMS Beagle by Chris Melby in the forum.

New update: Le Fourageux by Captain Blackmoor

Monday, March 12th, 2012

New update: Le Fourageux

More accurate than ever before!

I have no more to say than check out this update on the amazing minifig-scale 74 gun ship Le Fourageux by Eurobricks member Captain Blackmoor!

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Thunderchild Redux! by Cousarmy0001

Saturday, March 10th, 2012
Thunderchild Redux!

Small, but very decent!

And yet another ship is ready to sail the oceans! It's the Thunderchild by Cousarmy0001. Recent adjustments have proved very useful, making the armament go from 10 to 14 guns (or actually, gunports), and adding a figurehead. So now the ship has a personality, firepower, and the sails have also been added.

Come and see Thunderchild Redux! by Cousarmy0001 in the forum!

Flying Dutchman WIP by Sebeus Iniwum

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Flying Dutchman WIP

Notice those stern galleries!

After a long period of adjusting, re-adjusting, improving and refining the hull of this Flying Dutchman, it's almost finished. And it's beautiful, and very close to the "real" ship from the movie. It sure looks equally impressive!

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IR Broadside cannons by Sebeus Iniwum

Monday, February 27th, 2012
IR Broadside cannons

Possibilities of firing over a hundred times in a minute!

Eurobricks member Sebeus Iniwum surprises us again with a very interesting concept: firing a full broadside on a LEGO ship with a remote control. The project is still in its early stages but it looks very promising. Currently there's a discussion about the possibilities, problems and future ideas.

Check out IR Broadside cannons by Sebeus Iniwum in the forum.

Frigate Diomedes by anglezoo

Sunday, February 19th, 2012
Frigate Diomedes brickbuilt custom sails rigging crew colourscheme

Diomedes at sunset.

This is certainly one of the best LEGO frigates ever made without using custom pieces, sails or rigging. Everything has been made with official LEGO bricks and with great attention to detail. The ship is definitely worth to take a look at, especially because of the brickbuilt sails and the clever deck details.

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New update on My Grande Armée by DucadiYork

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
My Grande Armée

What a sight! Very suitable to an officer!

Since a few months there's an amazingly detailed Napoleonic army in the make by Eurobricks member DucadiYork. The latest addition is a horse for a hussar officer. It would be quite a challenge to make this on a real LEGO horse, but it's already a very nice piece of artwork.

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The Sad Night by Hardegon

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

The Sad Night

It may seem happy with all the parrots and banana trees, but there's sadness under the leaves.

Because this is a Brickshelf find we don't know anything about the author (Hardegon) except that he makes excellent MOCs. But of course that's the most important thing for a LEGO forum. The islanders seem to be on their return: another nice islanders MOC was posted a few days ago by Eurobricks member Bjornu. So the subject is a good choice, and the elaboration is great as well, with action, banana trees and a rock with a face.

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Spanis galleon Santiago by misha87

Saturday, November 26th, 2011
Spanish galleon Santiago cannons sails lion flags decoration ship pirates armada

With an impressive lion on the sail!

Another ship for the Spanish fleet is setting sail! It's a very detailed and beautifully decorated galleon. Not only the ship itself is a pleasure to the eye, the whole presentation looks great, with some rather professional pictures showing the ship in 360 degrees.

Check out Spanish galleon Santiago by misha87 in the forum!

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