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New Update Fort Brighton East by ZCerberus

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

fort town buildings medieval houses wood stone pirates cannons pub tavern techniques moc expert brilliant

...and this is only one of the three new MOCs!

Yes, you'll hear more about the Pirates LEGO contest very soon, but first there is something else that needs to get attention. Eurobricks member ZCerberus has posted a new update (the last one was in August 2010) of his massive Fort Brighton East, with some very nice buildings. That makes the MOC not only a Fort, but a complete town!

Check out the New Update of Fort Brighton East by ZCerberus in the forum.

Bar Pirates by Captain Spaulding

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

moc pirates bar scene funny pub party legos r2d2 frankenstein joda admiral captain

They seem to be having a good time!

Although there aren't many 'real' pirates in this MOC, it's very piraty. It's a pub scene, and even the non-pirates all have some piratical features. There's a lot of funny action going on, and famous persons like Frankenstein and R2D2 are also present. Time to have a good laugh and check out the interesting techniques and minifig-MODs.

Discuss Bar Pirates by Captain Spaulding in the forum.

Fortress ‘De Ruyter’ by Bjornu

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

fortress citadel moc lego soldiers imperial guard cannons ships harbor harbour walls tower century

A well-defended fortress.

A new and impressive fortress has been made by Eurobricks member Bjornu. It sure pays honour to the Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter, with a harbour, cannons and strong walls. And it's filled with soldiers!

Discuss Fortress De Ruyter by Bjornu in the forum.

Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction by Dread Pirate Wesley

Sunday, May 15th, 2011
ship wip line man war 74 gun navy HMS gunlines sailors captain bow figurehead decks progress

Can you imagine a complete ship in this style?

An impressive third rate man of war is in the make by Eurobricks member Dread Pirate Wesley. It will be built on a brickbuilt hull, with much attention to detail and historical accuracy, but also enough room for personal taste. The prototype of the bow has already been built, and it doesn't look bad at all.

Have a look at this Ship-of-the-Line under construction

by Dread Pirate Wesley.

Victorian Fantasy Fortress by AlterEvo

Friday, May 13th, 2011
fortress bridge castle tower soldiers pirates imperials flags redcoats moc techniques clever

A beautiful fantasy-castle.

Our News Scout TazManiac has found a great MOC again, and this time we're honoured because the creator of the MOC immediately joined our forums. No Pirates or Imperials this time, but a wonderful castle filled with the most brilliant details!

Discuss Victorian Fantasy Fortress by AlterEvo in the forum.

Brig “Apollo” by Corioso

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

brig ship pirates sails vessel cannons shooting musketeers minifigs figurehead capstan anchor

A good vessel, with enough cannons, musketeers and food on board!

Without too much babbling, Eurobricks member Corioso shows us his fantastic first attempt of making a LEGO ship. According to his own words it's a ship in 'lite LEGO style'. Whatever it is, it's full of great techniques and it also has an appealing colourscheme. Another great feature is the army of musketeers patrolling on the decks.

Visit the Brig "Apollo" by Corioso in the forum.

Review: 30132 Jack Sparrow Promotional Figure by Captain Green Hair

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

jack sparrow minifigure set polybag special rare pirates caribbean rum parts pieces wooden

Take a look in the forum for better pictures.

Even though it's a mini-review of a mini LEGO set, this review is worthy of taking a look at. It's just one minifig, representing a wooden Jack Sparrow. Could this have something to do with the movie? It probably does, and it sure is special.

Come and discuss the Review: 30132 Jack Sparrow Promotional Figure

by Captain Green Hair in the forum!

Sunset Grog by Inkog

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
moc pirates caribbean rum grog sunset house boat water sea trees beach fisherman hms

The combination of sunset and grog must be the ideal for every pirate!

Even though he says it's a quick weekend MOC, Eurobricks member Inkog did a marvellous job here. It's inspired by Whitecap Bay, which is a set from the new LEGO PotC-line as you know. It does look like Whitecap Bay, but perhaps this MOC is even better.

Comment on Sunset Grog by Inkog in the forum.

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