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New eBay goodies!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Expand your Bluecoats army with a bunch of soldiers, not only in good condition but currently also very cheap and rare to find in this quantity!

Go to eBay to buy these Bluecoat soldiers from the Pirate line

A Bluecoat Army

Or who wants a dirtcheap and high-quality 6278 Enchanted Island, including box and instructions? So far only 10,49 USD!

Go to eBay to buy this LEGO Pirates 6278 Enchanted Island!

6278 Enchanted Island

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The latest eBay goodies!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

A rare 6279 Skull Island in an incredibly good shape!

Go to eBay to buy this 6279 Skull Island

Only 10,99 so far!

 Or expand your Imperial fleet with one of these two beauties! First, a 6280 Spanish Galleon, dirtcheap!

Go to eBay to buy this LEGO 6280 Imperial Flagship!

Only 10,99 USD and nearly done!

 And second, an Imperial Guard (Redcoats) Flagship!

Go to ebay to buy this LEGO Pirates 6271 redcoat imperial flagship!

9,99 USD starting price, no reserve!


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The Great Western LEGO Show

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

The Great Western LEGO® show is the largest LEGO show in the UK. It is held at the Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon on 3rd and 4th October 2009. It features a wide variety of displays from Pirates, Cars and Space through to Technic and Trains. There will also be building workshops where the public can get involved with the expert builders to help create a 100,000 brick mosaic. Visit the LEGO Shop and other independent LEGO traders for great deals on some exclusive LEGO sets not available on the high street.

We will have a Crew member at this event and hope to bring back some very cool coverage of the fun!

For more information, please visit STEAM.

And happy birthday to Skipper 24!

Captain Morgan: Scourge of the Pond by 2 Much Caffeine

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Hey peeps,

We saw this and thought it was brilliant, such a small model but with so much life, detail and humour. We especially like how 2 Much Caffeine did the smoke for the cannon ball and the expressions on the people's faces.

Captain Morgan: Scourge of the Pond by 2 Much Caffeine

Captain Morgan: Scourge of the Pond

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Newest eBay finds!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Get the entire new line at once, probably a lot cheaper then in the stores! Currently only 50 USD

Go buy these Pirate sets on eBay!

Click to buy these sets on eBay!

Want a Cross Bone Clipper? Only ONE dollar at the moment! Very rare set!

Go to buy this Cross Bone Clipper on eBay!

Click to buy this ship on eBay now!

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Unbelievable eBay finds of the day!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

A new Brickbeards Bounty, a lot cheaper then in the stores! Only 74,99 USD or BEST OFFER! If you ever wanted one, now is the time!

Buy this cheap LEGO Brickbeards Bounty on eBay now!

NIB 6276 Brickbeards Bounty

Or do you want to build your own ship(s)? Well, first of all, you will need some ship hulls for that!

Get your own LEGO shiphulls on eBay!

Separate hull's aren't easy to find on eBay!

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Some eBay MISB Sets for the Collectors!

Saturday, August 1st, 2009
Look at this amazing LEGO® Eldorado fortress! This is a once in a life time opportunity, don't miss it!
Click on the picture to go to eBay to view this LEGO Eldorado Fortress

Click on the picture to view this 6276 Eldorado Fortress on eBay

And we also have this amazing 6289 Red Beard Runner for you guys!

Click on the picture to buy this 6289 Red Beard Runner on eBay!

Click on the picture to buy this 6289 Red Beard Runner on eBay!

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Sand Castle MOC by Mariann Asanuma

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Usually when a pirate tells you to build an outpost, you build an outpost. Not in this case, instead the pirate builds a sand castle! Marriann Asanuma, former model builder, brings us this little, Intriguing MOC.

The captain isnt going to be so happy......

The captain isn't going to be so happy......

To give your opinion about the model and to give feedback, rush to the pirate forum now!

Croc Cannon

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Ready.....Set.... Fire! What happens if you mix a cannon with a crocodile? A croc cannon! A very humorous and creative MOC is brought to us by Rocko on Flickr.

The crocodiles now have a reason to be scared.....

The crocodiles now have a reason to be scared.....

Want to give your opinion? Rush down to the forum to discuss this MOC!

Poll: Vessels & Vehicles, vs. Bases and Buildings

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Click here to vote in the vessels and vehicles vs. buildings and bases poll in the Pirates forum!

TheBrickster wants to know...

"What do you like best: vessels and vehicles or bases and buildings?"

Over the past few days, I've been in Pirate-mode really enjoying the new 2009 Pirate theme. I have not yet found the new Soldier Fort or the large Pirate Ship, but I'm really looking forward to the fort. I love island and fort sets. As I've been looking at all the new pirate sets, it got me asking myself, "What do I enjoy more, Ships or Structures"?

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