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Is it too late to get into LEGO Pirates?!?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Too late to collect LEGO Pirates?

The LEGO Pirates line has been cancelled for the time being.  Something us Pirate fans are all too familiar with, but to a new comer, the question has been asked.  "Is it too late to get into the LEGO Pirates Theme?  Most of us will immediatly shout out, "of course not!"   Listen to both sides and vote your opinion.

Add your opinion in the Pirate forum.

The LEGO Group is listening!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Take the Survey tell LEGO how you feel!

Tell the LEGO Group what you want!

The LEGO Group is listening!

Is anyone happy that the Pirates line has once again been discontinued??  Of course not, so tell LEGO what YOU want!

Please take a few moments to complete this short OFFICIAL survey.

The LEGO Group wants to hear from us AFOL's and TFOL's!  This is your chance to send your feedback directly to the LEGO Group! Do you think the Pirates line should continue?  Let the LEGO Group know!  It won't take you too long to complete, plus this is a rare opportunity to voice your opinion, BE HEARD!!

After you take the survey post your thoughts in the discussion thread.

Thank you,

Poll: Please tell us your screen resolution and browser

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010



Mister Phes wants to know!

Big  changes are coming to this forum in the not too distant future so its time to determine which browser and screen resolution the majority have.

Please vote in the poll above and leave comments in the forum thread.
If your browser or screen resolution isn't listed in the poll please post what you have.

Comment on the Poll in the pirate forum!

Review: 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner by Lortentzen

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Skulls Eye Schooner Review by Lorentzen

Eurobricks member Lorentzen shares his review about the famous Skulls Eye Schooner with us! With clear pictures and a lot of information he shows us every nice aspect and feature of this legendary LEGO set.

Time for you to discuss the 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner Review by Lortentzen in the forum!

Capt. Bregan Houndberg by Hound Knight

Sunday, March 21st, 2010
Capt. Bregan Houndberg by Hound Knight

Hound Knight shares with us more of his piratical minifig drawings in the Pirates forum

Forum member and amazing artist Hound Knight once again proves his talent with his latest piece of artwork depicting the minifig Capt. Bregan Houndberg, formerly known as Houndblower. And even better, Hound Knight says there may be more to come!

Check out Capt. Bregan Houndberg by Hound Knight in the Pirate forum!

Poll: Do you find the Pirate Indexes useful?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Poll: Do you find the Pirate Indexes useful?

Maintaining the Pirate Indexes is a difficult job which uses up valuable time. If you were to only use them occasionally, or not at all, the staff's efforts to keep them in check would be fruitless. That's why Mister Phes wants to know if you find them useful - would you prefer that the indexes were to be kept up to date or that the staff embark on other endeavors?

Make your decision in the Pirate forum!

Go here for more polls!

‘Behind The Helm’ Episode #16 – Derfel Cardarn

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Eurobricks and member Derfel Cardarn is in the hotseat in this interview. In episode #16 of 'Behind The Helm', Izzy and Connor get a chance to chat with Luke Watkins, a Eurobricks MOC Expert and a master of brick built landscapes. Luke shares with us past, present and upcoming projects from him as well as a few tips for other builders out there.

Download and listen to 'Behind The Helm' Episode #16 - Derfel Cardarn in the Pirates forum!

‘Behind The Helm’ Episode #15.5 – Mariann Asanuma

Friday, December 11th, 2009

'Behind The Helm' Episode #15.5 - Mariann Asanuma on Classic-Pirates.comIzzy, in a solo flight, interviews the worlds first and only female freelance LEGO® artist and writer.  Mariann Asanuma shares with us some of her past as a LEGOLAND Master Builder, and she also talks about her hopes for the future of the LEGO hobby itself.

Read 'Behind The Helm' Episode #15.5 - Mariann Asanuma in the Pirate forum!

‘Behind The Helm’ Episode #15 – Nik Groves (Part 2)

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

'Behind The Helm' Episode 15 - Nik Groves (Part 2) on

'Behind The Helm' has just released Part 2 of Episode #15 - Nik Groves. With 25 minutes of rich information and a few laughing points along the way, this is a great opportunity to hear about what goes on behind the scenes at LEGO!

Listen to 'Behind The Helm' Episode 15 - Nik Groves (Part 2) in the Pirate forum!

‘Behind The Helm’ Episode #14 – Teddy

Friday, November 13th, 2009


'Behind The Helm' Episode #14 - Teddy on

Ahoy there mateys, joining Cutlass and Zuloo today be forum user and Eurobricks MOC Expert Teddy! Talking about everything from "Game Grannies" to traffic in the Netherlands, this is an...interesting interview.

Check out 'Behind The Helm' Episode #14 - Teddy in the Pirate forum!

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