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Pillage the Village II Promo

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Ahoy there mateys, sick of YouTube videos on the frontpage? Bad luck, because we got another one for ye! But this one is the official promotional video for the Pillage the Village II Contest.

So hurry and watch the promo in the Pirates forum!

“Last words, either way”

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

General Armendariz, the brickflick genius pressed into the crew, has treated us with another oscar-winning motion picture: Shipyard Shenanigans, Episode One: "Last words, either way." It tells the humorous story of a man's last words as his ship crumbles into the sea - but I won't spoil the surprise; be sure to grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and switch on the show!

You may notice many familiar faces starring in the flick, Captain Zuloo, Mister Phes, and Captain Blackmoor among them. Some viewers may wonder, "What is this Shipyard Shenanigans?" Well, we have the same question for you! Sail by the forum and tell Armendariz your thoughts and opinions.

Do you like Waffles by curtisrlee

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Although not a huge pile of minifig animation, forum user curtisrlee shares with us a cheesy brickflick with some nice mouth animation. An amusing little piece, this is a great way to start out in our great community!

Watch Do you like Waffles by curtisrlee in the Pirates forum.

CYCLIC by pe668

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Our member pe668, responsible for some fantastic LEGO® creations including automated trains and train layouts, has recently decided to venture into the field of LEGO stop-motion films, among them, CYCLIC. While the film is mainly in a space setting, it has a wonderful pirate scene that shows off many great aspects of the new 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty with supurb animation and editing to back it up. The film also boasts an amazing original soundtrack - I bet you never thought you'd see a pirate scene to a metal sound!

Check out CYCLIC in full, then discuss it in the Pirate forum.

Pirates of Penzance in Bricks by Xrisl

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

A true classic held near to every Pirate fan's heart is Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. Xrisl has cleverly recreated a scene from this classic tale in the form of a stop motion film! This is a great piece of work worth a look.

See and discuss this classic Pirate film in the Pirates forum!

A LEGO Pirate Brickfilm by mlucas86

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Yargh, who be up for a LEGO® Pirate battle? On the silver screen! YouTube user mlucas86 directed us to a LEGO Pirate film he created in 3D Studio Max after subscribing to our videos via the YouTube Cannel. We here at think this short LEGO animation is quite exceptional. It not only uses great CAD Pirate ship models, but the minifig animation is supurb. The only excuse you could possibly have to not watch this, is if you're on a dial-up connection. =P

Check out A LEGO Pirates Movie by mlucas86 in the Pirates forum!

Pillage the Village Promo Video

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Pillage the Village from BrickFace Studios.

The official promotional video for's Pillage the Village contest from BrickFace Studios. What do you think? Let us know in the pirate forum.

Oceans on End: The Island

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

The epic new film from BrickFace Studios, Oceans on End: The Island will have you roaring for more. Find out what happens when two shipwrecked sailors come to and decide to "salvage" their ship.

Full of smooth animation and a great plot, this brickfilm will captivate any audience.

Go to the discussion page to watch it!

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