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PTVII: Pain in Paradise by jansued

Monday, November 30th, 2009

ptvii_small_pain_in_paradise_jansuedAfter years of fighting, plundering, causing pain and trouble, Cap'n Blacktooth resigned and looked for a simple way to get richer. On his little Island, Gold wasn't a problem, but the health system was terrible. So he decided to work a dentist - which in fact is nearly the same as he did in first professional live: Torturing people and steal all their valuables...

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PTVII: The Trial of Candy by curtisrlee

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Once when Captain Brickbeard was tired of plundering, He met up with the Governor and they signed a treaty and became friends. But after lots of fancy parties at the Governor's Mansion, Brickbeard got tired of not doing any thing "fun", so one day he set up a trail of candy (the Governor's favorite food) into the forest. At the end of the trail, Brickbeard hid in a barrel, waiting to jump out and scare the governer once he got to the end of the candy trail.

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PTVII: Treasure of Knowledge by Etzel

Sunday, November 29th, 2009
How pirates get smart and educated!

How pirates get smart and educated!

To quench the thirst of wisdom the pirates set out on a quest to find the famous Treasure of Knowledge. The legend tells that the treasure contains letters and diaries from all the great pirate captains of the past. By hard work and many adventures they managed to get a map, showing the latest known location of the treasure. Now the company has finally reached it's goal and found what they've been looking for...

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PTVII: The simple Joys of the clueless Soldiers by Scop

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


There was a time, that the people called "The clash of the forces", when pirates and soldiers fought a war, that seemed to be endless. But after everything was pillaged and plundered and burned and after ten thousands of people had lost their lives, the war came to an end, when the pirates suddenly disappeared.
Time passed by and the people tried to rebuilt their destroyed houses and harbors.
But the soldiers, not knowing what to do with all the weapons, soon began to be bored. Until someday one of them developed a new form of game.

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PTVII: The Late Night visitor by Nate

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

While heading up stairs she hears a knock at the door.
Annoyed and a little scared she gets out the flintlock
from the desk drawer and heads to see who her late night
visitor is..

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PTVII: Tell me a story, Grandpa by Lorentzen

Saturday, November 28th, 2009


The story:
After several years of hunting down pirates throughout the caribbean sea, the old Admiral has retired and he now enjoys his life with his wife.

Every saturday afternoon, the old Admiral's grandson Willie comes to visit him. And every time, Willie asks: "Please tell me a story Grandpa" for Willie loves to hear those stories of swashbuckling fearsome pirates, courageous soldiers and dangerous sharks roaming the sea.

Little Willie does not know, however, what lies under his feet...
The old Amiral may have been a good and just Admiral, serving his majesty for many many years but he, did however, always steal a tiny bit of treasure from the pirates he defeated, and saved that treasure for his retirement. This is what lies beneath the wooden planks in the old Admiral's living room, and he plans to give his beloved grandson what is left of that magnificent treasure, when he one day dies.

The attic that's full of hay to keep the house warm, hides something... a treasure map which the old Admiral plans to use in a few years time, when Willie is old enough to join him on his beloved Caribbean Clipper. The old Admiral has kept his uniform, bicorn and sword in his attic as well. Apparantly he's not ready to give up on his eventful past just yet.

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PTVII: Imperial Politics by Admiral Ron

Saturday, November 28th, 2009


Oh no! The Admiral is attempting to bribe a member of Parliament! How will that end? And who is that above them? A bluecoat spy? An informer payed by Parliament? Or a redcoat trying to do the right thing? Only time will tell.....

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PTVII: Skull Mountain by Mariann Asanuma

Friday, November 27th, 2009
A mini-diorama.

A mini-diorama.

Mariann Asanuma: After surviving twenty long years on the high seas, three mutinies (two of them he instigated), and being stranded on a desert island five times Captain Brickbeard has decided to retire and give up his life of plundering and pillaging -- well semi-retire, you can never have enough plundering in your life.

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