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Paddles’ Inn by MetroiD

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Paddles' Inn, a land-based Lego creation by MetroiD

The inn of the Pirates' Town

The Classic-Pirates.com's Community Build winners may have been announced, but there's still some interesting MOCs left worth mentioning... Like this beautiful inn built by Eurobricks member MetroiD.

It features two floors with a total of 3 bedrooms, and a nice-looking yard which even has an outhouse. Please also note the very interesting roof design. This Pirate Lego creation has even a backstory of its own - make sure to read it too!

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The Legend Of Porthgwarra by Derfel Cardarn

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
The Legend Of Porthgwarra by Derfel Cardarn

It seems like there are two people on the rock, or not? Mysterious...

Eurobricks and Classic-Pirates.com member Derfel Cardarn has started a new series of MOC's called 'Myths & Legends' and this is the first part. It is a great landscape with a lot of awesome buildings and other things. And that's not all...it is,  just like the rest of the series, combined with a myth or legend! For the story you will have to go to the forum. Other MOC's of the series will have something to do with a.o. Jack the Ripper and Sleepy Hollow. It's nice to follow this project because it's full of great details and very informative.

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The Drunken Fish Tavern by Bricknave

Friday, February 26th, 2010

A land-based MOC - a tavern and a secret meeting place for pirates

Where the pirates get drunk...

As part of the Classic-Pirates.com Community Build, Eurobricks member Bricknave shows us his latest MOC. As the builder himself describes it, "Close to the sea, The Drunken Fish Tavern sells fresh(ish) food and alcohol. However, thanks to being far from the heart of the Imperial-Officer infested town, it is also a secret meeting place for pirates on the run!

The (removable) roof looks great, but the most interesting part is the tavern's interior (with stairs and two floors), so make sure to check it out! There's quite a party going on in there!

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The Secret Of Castle Rock Cove! by Derfel Cardarn

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
The Secret Of Castle Rock Cove! by Derfel Cardarn

what are those pirates using the cove for?

Yes, Derfel Cardarn has reached the frontpage...again! He produces MOC's in a very high velocity and with a lot of skills. This time, he wanted to make a peaceful scene. At least, that's what it seems, because there's a lot going on beneath the surface! A pirate clan has made his headquarters inside a secret cave and now it's filled with treasure! If you're a big fan of Lego, you just can't miss this MOC!

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Your Redcoats Need YOU! by Derfel Cardarn

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

The Redcoat army recruiting!

Eurobricks member and MOC expert Derfel Cardarn has been working on his newest creation! The Redcoat army is recruiting new soldiers! It all happens in port Fishguard, where fishing is the local trade.

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Pirate Captains Vs Governors (Hispabrick Contest)

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Pirate Captains vs Governors (Hispabrick Contest) on Classic-Pirates.com

Eurobricks and Classic-Pirates.com member Gobernador shares with us news of a new pirates contest hosted by Hispabrick member Evo called Pirates Vs Governors.  Gobernador shares his entry for the contest, a great little creation depicting that dreams are decieving. With some nice techniques such angle of the governor's head in his bed and the though bubbles, this MOC is worth a look.

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The Skull Beneath The Skin by Derfel Cardarn

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

A pirate hideout - a land based MOC by Derfel Cardarn

Captain Brown Hat's Island retreat...

Classic-Pirates.com MOC expert Derfel Cardarn brings us this wonderful land based MOC - The Skull Beneath The Skin, a pirate hideout. As the creator himself describes it, it is "Captain Brown Hat's Island retreat, free from the eye of Redcoats and great for cannon fishing". Make sure to check out all the details of this truly amazing creation!

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The Maeve Aulsebrook by SlyOwl

Monday, February 1st, 2010

A brand new 12 gun frigate!

Eurobricks MOC expert SlyOwl has changed course! We know him from his awesome land based MOCs, but this time he tried to make a ship instead! In such a short time he managed to construct a marvellous 12 gun ship, with nice curves, shapes and an outstanding rigging which is just a piece of art.

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Pirates’ Island by SlyOwl

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Pirates' Island by SlyOwl

Eurobricks member and MOC expert, SlyOwl presents us with his latest master piece, "Pirates' Island", an exciting island with lots of crazy stuff for pirates to do. Packed with amazing details such as a swinging rope bridge, a soldier "walking the oar", an awesome cliff, a Spaniard being "smashed" in the head by a flying cannon ball and a Pirate King counting his booty!  This Island is far from boring!

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The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler on Classic-Pirates.com

The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler on Classic-Pirates.com

Forum member Swash Buckler presents the online community with a brilliant MOC of a Pirate Galleon! The Flying Shadow is a pirate craft not of speed and agility, but brute force. Striking fear into the hearts of every minifig to ever sail the seven seas, she is also a fine ship to view on our forum!

Check out The Flying Shadow by Swash Buckler in the Pirate forum!

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