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Pillaging Port Royal by SlyOwl

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Are the soldiers able to defeat the undead pirates?

Are the soldiers able to defeat the undead pirates?

Dark times in Port Royal! SlyOwl has been working on an outstanding creation, packed with details and interesting techniques. Undead pirates are attacking Port Royal! That's why this is also filled with action, even with flying toilet contents! Will the port survive the pillaging?

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Pirates Rock a MOC by Rupi

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Standing at least a hundred feet tall in the midst of the great ocean is Pirates Rock. A sort of mix between a  sacrificial and execution platform for pirates, scum and the like. This time a scurvy band of Pirates have captured a poor Redcoat. After stealing his treasure they have become bored and are throwing him into the snapping jaws of the hungry shark below.



Rupi, a well renowned vignette builder has produced this latest MOC. It features a tall stack, the perfect location for a Pirate hideout. One of the most interesting features of the MOC is that at the top the brick structure turns on it's side allowing for the jutting edge where you can see the Redcoat being pushed off. The Shark's splash adds extra energy into the scene. Sacrificial platform or just somewhere to feed the sharks? Say what you think in the forum.

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Castaway Pirate by michaelozzie

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
Will the pirate land safe and sound on the beach?

Will the pirate land safe and sound on the beach?

Classic-Pirates.com member michaelozzie shares a nice creation with us again! This time it is a castaway pirate, landing on the beach in a hilarious way! With some nice techniques for the wave and beach you really have to see it!

Will the poor fellow survive the crash? Find out by checking it out in the forum!

Crimson Dawn by Logan4480

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Sailing over the horizon comes the Crimson Dawn! Ready to plunder and to strike fear in even the stoutest soldiers with it's array of cannons and dreaded charcoal black sails. Fitted with three decks and a crew of 28, the Crimson Dawn was not the biggest vessel ever created but it was one of the most feared across all the 7 seas able of crushing a Imperial man o' war hands down.

it was not the largest vessel but one of the most feared on the seven seas

'the Crimson dawn was not the biggest vessel ever created but it was one of the most feared across all the 7 seas able of crushing a Imperial man o' war hands down.'

The Crimson Dawn was created by Logan4880. It features three manble decks, 15 cannons, 18 crew members and 3 masts. You can really see this ship is a force to be reckoned with. On the top deck a swiveling cannon is present aswell as the mighty masts supporting blcak sails. Below deck are the cramped working conditions for the gunners who make it possible to take out forts and other vesseles.

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Internet Piracy! By Rocko

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
The problems of modern pirates! Click here to discuss this MOC in the Pirate Forum!

The problems of modern pirates!

Internet pirates have their own challenges... 

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Chinese Junk by AtomicBuilder

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Far away in a distant part of China comes the 'Chinese Junk'. This mighty ship is coloured and decorated with plenty of annotations making it easily recognisable that it is the notorious Chinese Pirates finest vessel! Will they get away with their villainous crimes using the hidden smuggling compartments? Or will the authorities find out who is really behind all this?

Will the authorities find out who is really behind this smuggling business?

Will the authorities find out who is really behind this smuggling business?

AtomicBuilder has created for us this amazing Chinese pirate ship. Using interesting techniques and colours, he has produced a ship even an emperor would be proud of! Fitted put with a shining dragon figurehead, the finest pirate crew sail with pride and dignity as they steal from any ship that comes in their path.

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MOC: “Float By” by Gusalagupagoo

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Clash! The Pirates are attacking the Imperials again. Armed with deadly rapiers and cutlasses alike. The Imperials are outnumbered but the Pirates are too crowded and can't fight easily. Who will come out on top?

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Man overboard!

Gusalagupagoo takes us to a new perspective on ship to ship combat. Forget all your galleons and warships and bring in your small rowing boats and prepare for battle.

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MOC: Treasure Island by Forseti

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Can the ravenous Pirates lure out the monkey with a delicious, irresistible, ripe banana? A group of trigger happy pirates are ready to shoot whenever the monkey comes out, that's if it comes out at all. It seems to be preoccupied in it's cave...

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Poor monkey!

Forseti has used some unique techniques to pull this MOC off. The beautiful tree design really stands out as something special but it does not take away from the central point and focus of the MOC.

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