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Sabre Island

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Eurobricks own Pantelis has taken a stab at a classic.  Heavy inspiration from the classic pirates set Saber Island has turned into this fine MOC.

So watch the cannon fire and head over to check this one out!


Cannon Tutorial by Horry

Monday, February 3rd, 2014
Cannon Tutorial

Cannon Tutorial by Horry

EB member Horry has been kind enough to create an exquisite tutorial on LEGO cannons.  From the history of cannons, the different types of cannons, and the professionalism in the presentation -there's truly something in it for everyone!

Sail on over to the forum and comment on the Cannon Tutorial


[Tutorial] Functional Capstan by Sebeus I

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Functional Capstan

Eurobricks member Sebeus I has created this excellent tutorial for making a functional capstan in your next ship MOC!  Covers everything from simple to complex anchor systems, and all the mechanics.  It will make a wonderful addition to the Pirates Master Index!

Pull up anchor and set sail to the forum and comment on this Functional Capstan Tutorial!

Black Seas Barracuda’s little secrets you might not know

Friday, November 9th, 2012
Black Seas Barracuda's little secrets

Arrr! What be these allegations?

23 years (!) after seeing the light of day, it appears that one of the greatest Lego sets of all times, the pirate ship Black Seas Barracuda (also known as Dark Shark in Europe) still had some secrets well hidden or long-forgotten... The time has come to uncover everything, and you might be surprised!

Learn about Black Seas Barracuda's little secrets in the Pirate forum.

Sailing Ships Tutorial by Horry

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Lego Pirate Sailing Ships Tutorial Horry

Reference nerd nirvana!

Have you ever wanted to build a frigate or a man-of-war but just didn't know where to start?  Eurobricks' tutorial master Horry has your back.  Horry's tutorial starts by giving some good guidelines on proper dimension and design for a sailing vessel, and then gets into deeper thought on things like how to rig gunports, rudders and davits or where to place a ship's stairs or capstans.  If you have been afraid to take the plunge into ship MOCing before, take a look at Horry's tutorial and proceed with confidence!

Study the blueprints then discuss Sailing Ships Tutorial in the forum.

Calling all Pirates, we need your Vote!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

The winning Western Theme MOC!

Pirate fans, the LEGO community needs your help! It's not often we stray from Pirates but deep down most of us also like other LEGO themes. Well the Western AFOL's need your help.

Some time ago marshal_banana won the Eurobricks Spaghetti Western competition with a stunning (modular) Western Town (pictured above).
He's now doing pretty well on CUUSOO, so let's help him make the 10.000 votes for this MOC to be considered by LEGO for production. Who wouldn't a new Western Theme that comes with a Western Town where each house can be bought as an individual set?

Go here on CUUSOO and cast your vote!

Fort Outworks by Skipper

Thursday, December 29th, 2011
LEGO Pirate Fort Outworks by Skipper

Skipper did the homework, read the tutorial and you will know this is a hornwork

Eurobrick's member Skipper follows up on Horry's excellent Fortifications of the Sailing Age tutorial with a lesson on the outworks of a fortress.  Skipper explains that outworks are defenses constructed beyond the main fort to protect the fort from enemy field batteries, increase general firepower, fortify a weak area, or simply extend control of the area.  Skipper did an excellent job of including links to real world examples of the outworks covered in the tutorial even though his LEGO representations of each are spot on.  Use this tutorial in conjunction with Horry's to build the most epic fortress ever seen on Classic-Pirates!

Discuss Fort Outworks in the forum.

Fortifications of the Sailing Age by Horry

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

LEGO Pirate Fortifications of the Sailing Age by Horry

Learning is good, learning in LEGO is better!

The Age of Sail brought forth more than just advancements in sailing and gunpowder, but also in fortifications.  Classic-Pirates own Horry delivers an excellent tutorial on the evolution of fortifications from the Medieval Period to the Age of Sail.  Horry's three part history lesson (complete with pictures) will get you thinking about how to create that perfect Imperial Guard fortress you have been itching to build.  Check out the tutorial, then start designing your perfect citadel and casemates now!

Discuss Fortifications of the Sailing Age in the forum.

Pirates Sighting: LEGO Ideas Book

Monday, December 26th, 2011

LEGO Ideas Book cover

The new LEGO Ideas book...Pirates within!

The new LEGO Ideas Book from DK was released last September, and has a few pages of interest for Pirate fans.  It shows you how to make parrots, cannons, and a treasure chest.  Also pictured are a few pirate ships and even a shipwreck!  You can check out some of the book at the Amazon page.

Discuss the LEGO Ideas Book in the forum

INDEX: Historic and Replica Ships by Perfectionist

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Ship Index reference pictures details masts sails yards capstans helms gunports cannons main mizzen fore top pirates navy uss hms Have you ever been looking for a certain ship detail without finding it? That problem is going to be solved. Eurobricks member Perfectionist has made a ship index full of pictures of even the smalles details. So far, the Ship Index contains: HMS Surprise (ex-Rose), USS Constitution, HMS Victory, HMS Trincomalee and HMS Warrior. If you have pictures of other historic ships, they can be very useful for the index.

All discussion, suggestions, and picture requests can be done in this thread.

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