Adam, Lookout Boy

Adam’s Words

Adam Gastaldi lurked the Pirate forum for a full year before finally creating an account. He had first come along the site when searching for a guide on custom rigging, and was easily shocked when he actually found one. Of course, when he did become a user, his comments were short, rare, and hardly opinionated. As he began to grow more active on the forums and as his post count steadily rose, he looked for more ways to contribute to the site, and his interest shot up every time a new contest was announced. Around the time of the Pillage the Village contest, Mister Phes posted a thread inquiring about possible volunteers for the Graphic and Video Departments, and Adam jumped upon the opportunity.

Adam entered the Shipyard as a graphic creator along with a couple of other recruits, his job to produce any graphic that a news writer would request. With the Pillage the Village contest running and entries coming in daily, there was plenty of work to do, but it was mostly the news writers that were doing all of the work. After completing some random jobs like indexing polls, Adam offered to help archiving news items. He eventually began writing up articles for the frontpage, and at that same time, Mister Phes requested a dedicated news reporter – someone who would search tirelessly for MOCs and Polls for the frontpage. As usual, Adam volunteered, and at that point, the job was easy; there were more MOCs and Polls to index than the news writers could count. When the Shipyard Ranking System came around, Adam went from New Recruit to Lookout Boy, his sole duty to maintain his brainchild, the News Reporter Findings thread – an index of news worthy MOCs and Polls that remains efficeint, full, and not used whatsoever.

Many of Adam’s graphics, excluding many of those for Pillage the Village and such, can be found in his Brickshelf Gallery, and his other work in the News Reporter Findings thread remains within the Shipyard.

The Shipyard Master’s Log

Ever since Adam joined the team, he has been looking for news to share with the writers outside of his original duties of writing and creating images. So some of the pressed crew decided a new Adam-only rank was required. So he became the Lookout Boy. He maintains a thread providing the news writers with site content, be it MOCs, announcements etc. Adam is a vital memeber of the crew, and we all hope he continues to stick with the fantastic team!

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