Capt. Kirk

Capt. Kirk, Head of the Graphics Department

Capt. Kirk’s Words

Born in Belgium in 1973 as a Capricorn.
Studied at the Art School of St-Lucas (Schaarbeek) and got his Master in Graphic Design.

In March 2008 Capt. Kirk re-discovered his old LEGO sets at his parents attic under some dust when he was moving out to live with his girlfriend Katrien. It were his first LEGO sets that he got from his parents when he was little. Most of these sets where LEGO Space & Castle sets from in the early ’80. Now know as classic-space and classic-castle.

At that moment the virus came back and he started to collect via Ebay some sets that he mist (like the Monorail Transport System (# 6990)). But it didn’t take long to collect them because he was a spoiled teenager and had almost every sets from both themes (some even double or triple). But when he got the virus back in his blood he wanted more then just collecting.

Via google he found different kinds of information about LEGO and the old and new world opened again after some dark ages. Because the new TLC themes weren’t his cup of tea at that time and collecting was not a real an option he started to build mocs. Of course his first builds were classic-space… his big love.

At that same period Capt. Kirk discovered that there is also something like LUG’s and found BELUG – Belgian Lego Users Group – and joined this group immediately. But after a while he discovered that this group and his forum is not really the thing he was looking for (too many lurkers, too little response of the board and too Town/City oriented). But he stayed tuned on this forum.

When he was buying something on a bidding site he came in contact with Zorro. Zorro asked him if he knew Eurobricks. Never heard of it was the answer. So Capt. Kirk went in search and found Eurobricks and found everything he was looking for. He said bye bye to BELUG in may 2008 and joined Eurobricks.

By seeing all the sub-forums it was time to choose a second theme. Capt. Kirk had 2 options in mind… Western and Pirates… and choose Pirates. At that time a big contest was running on Classic-Pirates… Pillage the Village. He thought after one year of building mocs… lets give it a try and with success (first place in large division and third place in medium division). From that day he visit CP on regular base.

In his free time apart form building with LEGO, Capt. Kirk is board member of a large kicker federation (table soccer) and also player in second division after years of first division. Beside kicker he likes to collect strips and toy figures, playing DOD (Day Of Defeat) and drawing for fun.

The Shipyard Master’s Log

Ever since Capt. Kirk joined the team, the site graphics have improved. He is always happy to help any of our graphics team with any questions they may have, and is forever willing to work harder. Capt. Kirk is a great contributor to and the Pirates forum, and we hope he continues his great love for LEGO Pirates!

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