Captain Zuloo

Captain Zuloo, Shipyard Master

On the 19th of July, 2007, Captain Zuloo was searching for more details on the never released MMORPG, Wake of Destiny. It was then that he discovered Eurobricks via a google search. He joined immediately because it seemed such a friendly place.

He had always liked pirates, and at this time, there was not even a suggestion about the new pirate line. But Zuloo was immediately hooked on the pirate forum. Mister Phes had done a lot to get it up and going, and it was proving to be a success.

However for about 6 months Zuloo lost interest in pirates and became more a CITY fan. There was the Trains and Town forum on Eurobricks, but it wasn’t very active in those days. So Zuloo just left the forums for a while, played with some LEGO, then saw a few massive pirate MOCs…

Zuloo was back! And when he discovered, it was his favourite site even with the horrible ‘Coming Soon’ pages. But there was a contributions form on the main page, and he soon became interested. After a few image contributions he read “We provide our web designers with basic training” and decided it might be worth a go.

So after joining and gaining quite a good knowledge of the web code, Zuloo was becoming a one sided pirate fan again! Then turned over a new leaf and became a WordPress blog. This allowed more people to become part of the dedicated team, trained by himself and others, and the Shipyard Ranking system was implemented.

And after rising through the pirate ranks, Captain Zuloo is happy as Shipyard Master next to his good friends, Zorro and Erdbeereis.

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