General Armendariz


Born in America, just after getting back to the love of pirates, General Armendariz decided to find a good pirate forum. He found Quickly he fell in love with the forum and how it worked, so after a month of lurking, on October 2nd 2008, he finally decided to join just before the Pillage The Village contest started.

He always loved LEGO® and just went into his dark age. While loving LEGO he also played baseball and other sports. General Armendariz entered the PTV contest, but he didn’t win. But it gave him some inspiration to keep building MOCs and he is currently working on something. He enjoys army building with his small French and British armies and hopes someday to get a grand army and a fort for his men.

Early March, The Captains Cabin Contest started and General Armendariz was still not on the team. Armendariz wanted to make a promotional brickfilm for the contest. He loved to animate, and play with LEGO bricks so he said “Why not?”. When he finished his animation, he sent it to the video editor for Cap’n Blackmoor.

Soon after it was posted Zorro asked him if he wanted to join the team. Armendariz was very excited and quickly accepted. He is now a video editor and is currently making great videos for the YouTube Channel.

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