SlyOwl’s  Words

English born ‘n’ bred, SlyOwl joined Eurobricks in October 2007 to compete in the Pirate Halloween Contest and proceeded to win it after a heated build-off with oo7. The prize? Access to an early version of the Shipyard, from where he volunteered to update the Classic-Pirates frontpage, which continued for nearly a year, until some other scurvy dogs were press-ganged into service in his stead. Then he took over Regulator duties, and would have advanced to Moderator, but for some T-Shirt shenanigans.

All the meanwhile, his building skill was advancing alongside the weirdness in his MOCs, culminating in the likes of Dung Mall and Shroom Wars, before suddenly he went goofy for Fabuland, and that was the end of that (maybe). Then it was back to good ol’ Pirates and Castle, with a bit of Steampunk thrown in, and full MOC-Junkie status decended, whilst his Brickshelf gallery got messier and messier, and his Flickr got ever closer to the 200-image limit.

And whilst that may all seem happy and good, he helps organise the contests on Classic-Pirates, and is thus not allowed to compete, but must instead build Cow Catapults against a lot of old men, namely the Staff.

The Shipyard Master’s Log

SlyOwl is a brilliant member of the crew, he’s always willing to help out, and always doing more than he did last time. He’s a great guy to have hanging around, and one of the best pirate MOCers in history. SlyOwl works as a news writer for and helps keep the pirate forum tidy as a Pirate Regulator.

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