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I’m not getting any search results!

Try broadening your search as much as possible.  The means remove any values you have in the Keyword/Set Number, eBay Seller, Location and Price input fields.

Also remember Pirate LEGO isn’t popular in some eBay regions and you may have to change the selected Country to a nearby country in your region.

I want to search for a particular set

Change the Pre-defined Search dropdown to “ALL LEGO” and enter the LEGO set number into the Keyword/Set Number input field.

Currently you’ll need to know the set number you wish to search for, but in the future we will provide a convenient dropdown of set names and numbers.

Remember to only enter one set number at a time.

I keep getting too many unwanted search results

You can remove certain keywords from search results by entering the keyword in the Keyword/Set Number input field proceeded by a minus.

For example: -minifig

You can also use asterix as a wildcard.

For example: -minifig* will remove “minifig“,  “minifigs” and “minifigures” from your search results.

Feedback and Questions

If you’ve like to provide feedback  or ask a question, please visit the eBay Search Feature thread in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

10320 Eldorado Fortress Remake LEGO set

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