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LEGO® MUJI – bricks and paper

The LEGO Group has teamed up with design-led Japanese retail company MUJI to offer a new product concept combining bricks and paper crafts.

BILLUND, DENMARK NOVEMBER 2009 – LEGO® MUJI explores new ways of being creative by combining the well-known LEGO brick with paper through the use of the new LEGO System paper puncher.

The product line brings together the worlds of The LEGO Group and MUJI in a unique and enriching new experience. There are 4 sets in the LEGO MUJI series, each with more than 100 LEGO bricks and an assortment of paper

The sets all have different themes, and include LEGO bricks, paper and inspirational materials. The themes are Christmas, fairytales, transparent bricks and paper as well as a more open-ended concept. In addition, the specialized LEGO System puncher and five different paper packages will also be made available.

The sets, which were pre-viewed at the Design Tide Exhibition in Tokyo in October, will be released for sale in Japan on 26 November. The launch will constitute a live test in the market with limited quantities available for sale across 40 MUJI stores and the MUJI online store.

With this exciting new LEGO category, the LEGO Group is exploring new ways of playing and engaging with the LEGO brick, as well as new ways of doing business outside the traditional toy industry and retail. This is done by stimulating entrepreneurial culture through collaborative business projects with internal and external entrepreneurs interested in basing their business on an open LEGO platform.


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