Bricklink Designer Program

Submit your Pirate Entries in the 2023 BrickLink Designer Program: Series 2

The BrickLink Designer Program returns for its second 2023 Series so the Classic Pirates demand invite Pirate fans to participate. Our quest to increase the probability of future LEGO Pirate set releases continues!

Your next mission is to submit your LEGO Pirate fan creation before the deadline of June 2nd.

The Official Announcement

The official Bricklink Designer Program website decrees:

Submissions for Series 2 are now open!

We will accept Series 2 submissions from May 15th – June 2nd. The best designs have the chance to be future BDP Series 2 sets, so get those ideas flowing!

Submit design

So get building them Pirate MOCs!


Here be the dates yer need to know…

Create your designs

Right now
Well, what are yer still reading for?  Go build something and then worry about the fine print!

But follow the Submission Guidelines when designing your models in Studio

Open Submission

May 15 — June 2
Submit your models to Bricklink during the 4-week window before the deadline on June 2, 2023 at noon Pacific US time.

Crowd Support

June 12th — June 30th
BrickLink cordially invites all members to vote for their favorite submissions (it would be stupid to vote for yer most hated submissions). This crowd vote weighs in alongside the Bricklink Designer Program’s internal selection criteria which influences the designs chosen for crowdfunding.


July — August
The Bricklink team will review each design for profitability building experience, brand fit, and crowd favorites.

5 Designs Announced

August 23rd
will unveil the five Series 2 designs and then assist designers to ensure their creations are all that they can be.


June 2024
BrickLink members may pre-order their favorite sets, with a limit of 2 of each set per household. All sets that receive over 3,000 pre-orders will be produced. Up to 20,000 of each set will be manufactured during a limited, one-time production run. So don’t miss out!

Production and Shipping

November 2024
The sets will enter production and orders will be ready for shipment approximately 6 months after pre-ordering, although the actual dates and shipping times may vary.

Who Were the Series 1 Winners?

Glad yer asked! The the Series 1 finalists were announced on 10 May, 2023  so now immerse yerself in all the pirate glory in our original 2023 Bricklink Designer Program blog post.

That be sarcasm, actually…

Are Yer Gonna Enter?

Do you have what it takes to create  a great LEGO Pirate set?  Or do ye fear this is a fruitless venture?

Not a single Indigo Islander submission in series in so someone better change that!

Share your thoughts… and prospective submissions in the LEGO Pirates Forum.


In Forum
40504 A Minifigure Tribute LEGO set

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