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“Land Ahoy” by Ralf Ranghaal reaches 10K Supporters on LEGO Ideas

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 Featured Image for "Land Ahoy" by Ralf Ranghaal


Sep 06, 2021

Land Ahoy” by Ralf Ranghaal reached 10K Supporters on LEGO Ideas back in 2021 and will be eligible for the next review period that commences on May 2, 2022.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post on the official LEGO Ideas blog and share your enthusiasm in the comments!

The LEGO Ideas Team writes:

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters, Ralf Ranghaal!

Hi Ralf Ranghaal,

Congratulations on once again reaching the 10,000 supporter milestone! What an achievement it is!

We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

Have you ever got the feeling the Earth isn’t flat?

Well, you should have that feeling because there is plenty of evidence to suggest it isn’t! But centuries ago it was common knowledge among seafaring folk, that the world was a disc, held up by four pillars in the centre of the universe. Sailors feared the horizon, for if they sailed beyond it, they’d plummet to their doom… or be eaten by a hideous monster!

Eventually, some bright sparks figured out Earth was an oblate spheroid and worked up the courage to sail into the unknown. LEGO MOCs and sets however, rarely break free of “flat Earth” syndrome – that is, until now!

Ralf Ranghaal has divulged in an interesting concept not seen since the Slapbands of the early 1990s… a LEGO base which can remain flat… or curve upwards!

His nifty YouTube video demonstrates how it works…

Ralf writes:

I made some similar builds before and was asked to submit them.
So I made this model of a map using only regular, standard techniques.
It is quite sturdy and a real build model. I plan to do a video showing how to roll up the flat build.
After rolling up a stand has to be attached. I made quite a basic stand out of basic bricks

The model can be made even more sturdy by adding a hose inside. Of course it cannot be rolled up then any more.

This is a design that is eye catching and has never been done before as a set.


"Land Ahoy" in it's "Flat" state

You can have it flat… but it looks pretty ordinary!

"Land Ahoy" curved from the side

But if we curve it upwards it starts to become…


"Land Ahoy" curved and on display

It becomes something quite unique! But ummm… isn’t the surface of the Earth convex?

But wait… There’s More!

This isn’t Ralf’s only foray into map building – more recently posted “ChooseYourWorld” to Flickr.

ChooseYourWorld by Ralf Ranghaal

This MOC gives new meaning to the Earth being flat…

Ralf writes:

A few days ago LEGO published a globus.

So here is an alternative for a blockhead like me and all the other ones out there.

I also wanted to build a disk but I don’t have much time right now.

The build was more difficult than I imagined. Especially the cluch of the tiles was so strong that you can actually see that the left side is not straight.

Also the block was way heavier than I expected so I had to place it in a straight line. I intended to to use a slight angle first.

I also tried to use other colours for the landscape but one important part is not available in green or bright green. I could have used some complicated snot techniques like I did in ‘Hybris’ or much simpler in my Halo ring but in the end I just opted for this rather minimal approach

If your immediate impression of Land Ahoy was an island being engulfed by a tsunami, Ralf has conceptualised that too in “New Wave“…

"New Wave" by Ralf Ranghaal

Don’t worry! The Imperial Guards build `em to withstand all kinds of weather conditions!

In case someone wonders: it’s all done with hinges. I didn’t bend plates or something like that 🙂

And finally… Ralf combined some of his builds to create “Death of a Sailsman” – this MOC is worth a Blog Post to itself, but we’ll tease you with a single image right now.

"Death of a Sailsman" by Ralf Ranghaal

Judging by the size of those buildings, this is one gigantic ship!

This is a combination of some older models: you may know the map and my pirate city. I threw together two maps, and the back of the ship and completed the ship.

As usual I didn’t care much for historical accuracy, more for fancy looks 🙂

About the Builder…

Ralf Ranghaal (or Ralf Langer or Rla Rla) is LEGO Ideas 10K Club member who likes to break free of the common plane (I.e. flat bases) and experiment with ideas that typically break the fourth wall when it comes to the foundations of LEGO builds.

Be sure to follow him on Flickr and Instagram for regular updates of his work. Or if you prefer video demonstrations, visit his YouTube Channel or TikTok to see him break the fourth dimension as well!

Once you done all that following, head over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and share your thoughts on Land Ahoy!


“Mr Riggings Vacation” by Bricky_Brick

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 Featured Image for "Mr Riggings Vacation (Night Edition)" by Bricky_Brick

Bricky_Brick (aka Paokus in some circles, Pablo in others), the creator of Pirates of Barracuda Bay is back with an all new LEGO Pirates creation!

“Mr Riggings Vacation” is a somewhat enhanced Tiki-style version of the 1992 set, 6258 Smuggler’s Shanty, only this one is decked out for relaxation and the consumption of magnificent feasts.

He entered his latest creation in the LEGO Group’s official “Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?” contest. (And the answer is “YES“, because you most certainly DO want to go to the seaside… to see Pirates!)

But unfortunately, the LEGO Ideas Team did not not feel the same way and rejected this entry. Instead, they selected MOCs with a more seaside-theme for the crowd voting phase.  Awww, shucks, LEGO Pirate fans – but they did approve a similar entry, Ray the Castaway, which also makes a nice accompaniment to 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Bricky_Brick writes:

Before becoming a Quartermaster and losing some vision, Mr Riggings lived peacefully in his refuge. After being recruited by Captain Redbeard the shelter was left without an owner.

Set sails little tadpoles! A little refuge for new Pirates !!

How the Contest Worked

According to the official contest webpage on the LEGO Ideas website…

In this contest, we’re asking for coastal builds that remind us of sandy toes and summer adventures to be transformed into a gift with purchase set! You could build sandcastles, beach huts, fish and chips; the possibilities are endless.

As the Grand Prize winner of this contest, you will get the exclusive opportunity to have your model transformed into a new LEGO Gift with Purchase set. This model should be between 150 and 250 bricks/elements. This model should be between 150 and 250 bricks/elements. Your entry should also not be related to any current or future LEGO Ideas gift with purchase, these being: Sailing Ship Adventure (Fan submission title), Rocket Ride or the Vintage Car.

The contest will consist of 3 phases:

  1. Submission Phase – Build and submit your entry before May 11th, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EST. We recommend submitting your entry 2-3 days before the deadline in the event we have to return it to you for changes.
  2. Judging Phase – Our judges review the entries and choose 15 entries, which will then go forward to a Fan Vote, on May 18th, 2021.
  3. Voting Phase –  LEGO Ideas members will then have the opportunity to vote once, for their favorite entry from May 18th, 2021 until May 25th, 2021.
  4. Winners Announcement – We’ll share the Grand Prize winner and five Runner Up winners here on LEGO Ideas no later than May 31st, 2021!

"Mr Riggings Vacation" (daytime) by Bricky Brick

A sumptuous feast is served for breakfast every morning

Wait – who is Ray the Cast Away?

Ray was another entry in the “Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?” contest submitted by the DadiTwins.

Both entries are built on a similar concept, (I.e. the shipwrecked pirate shanty) only Ray is looks considerably more disheveled, probably because his shack doesn’t offer the room service Riggings enjoys daily.

LEGO Ideas Content Submission "Ray the Castaway" by Daditwins

Ray’s obviously booked the economy class shanty

But why did the LEGO Ideas Team choose Ray over Riggings?

There hasn’t been any official announcements so let’s postulate; what if a large, international corporation actually cares about its fans and tries to be somewhat fair? What if they said “You know, we’ve already given that Pablo kid a turn, so how about we choose an entry by someone else this time?

Just imagine if that could ever be the case.

If you’d like to learn more about Ray the Castaway, here’s the Blog Post you need, or if you’d like to discuss him with the Classic Pirates, set a course to this topic in the LEGO Pirates Forum.

About the Builder…

Unless you’ve been shipwrecked on a desert island, you’re no doubt aware that Bricky Brick is the creator of 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, the first ever Pirate themed LEGO Ideas project to reach 10,000 votes and go into production.  He’s contributed dozens of submissions to LEGO Ideas and more than one has reached the 10K supporter goal – impressed yet?

LEGO Ideas 21322 "Pirates of Barracuda Bay" Front Box Art

This is what Bricky Brick is most famous for… a Pirate Haven, not an Imperial Guard in sight

You can also observe his endless talent on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter… and if you have a shred of sense, you will have already taken a moment to support can still view Mr Riggings Vacation on LEGO Ideas! But alas, voting has long since closed.

“Imperial Sailboat” by Delusion Brick

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 Featured Image for "Imperial Sailboat" by Delusion Brick

The LEGO Group has released numerous ships over the years but they don’t always fall within the LEGO Pirates theme. Not to worry! Sometimes these ships can be customised to rectify that problem!

Delusion Brick shows us how it’s done with 40487 Sailboat Adventure which was released as a Gift With Purchase in mid 2021. He’s taken the yacht and turned it into a fine little blue coat Soldier vessel Governor Broadside would be quite pleased with… and he’s also replaced the dolphin with a shark to amplify the level of peril.

Close-up of the Imperial Ship

Now take a closer look and see what potential this set has for LEGO Pirate MODs!

Delusion Brick writes:

My alternative MOC build of (40487 Sailboat Adventures)

What is 40487 Sailboat Adventure?

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, “Sailboat Adventure” started life as a creation named “Sailing Ship Adventure” by Yc_Solo. It was built for the “Build that holiday into THAT holiday!” contest which was officially hosted by the LEGO Group during 2020. The purpose was to find a suitable build to become the basis of a Gift with Purchase set.

So therefore the sailboat is not available for regular retail sale and can only be officially purchased from the online LEGO store. But not to worry, those scalpers sellers will flog it to you for less than US$20 on eBay, if you don’t want to purchase it the intended way.

Box art of LEGO Ideas 40487 Sailboat Adventures

Not available on toy store shelves… or is it?

But at the time of writing, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, is still available on LEGO.com, so go ahead and treat yourself – as a reward you can choose the sailboat and have the makings of a small pirate ship in your possession!

The LEGO Ideas Submission

The original “Sailing Ship Adventure” hasn’t evolved much from what Yc_Solo submitted, the most notable changes being the minifigures and updated dolphins… and you’re deprived of the complimentary desert island and palm tree.

The original submission to LEGO Ideas by YC_Solo

This is the original submission by YC_Solo

Here is the description from LEGO Ideas:

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world, sailing away on your own ship on the turquoise waters amongst the dolphins? With this little sailing boat model you could do all that and enjoy a beautiful sunset at sea.

The whole model contains exactly 250 parts. There are 216 parts for the boat (sails and mast: 69; cabin: 24; frame: 123) Then I used up the remaining parts for added features: Dolphins: 9; Palm tree: 16; Minifigures: 8; seagull: 1.
The body itself is buildable, composed of slope elements and lateral curved plates joined at their extremeties; this allowed to maximize inner space, add a wooden floor and a sturdy support for the mast. Sails are also brick-built. The cabin can be removed to show the inner rest space. Sails can rotate, just make sure you untie the ropes first! An anchor and a few gold elements completes the ship.

For minifigures I imagined a romantic pair. That sailor was an immediate participant; as soon as he heard a ship was made, he jumped on board!

As of October 2021, it rates 3.9 out of 5 based on 9 customer reviews.

About the Builder…

Delusion Brick is certainly not delusional when it comes to building LEGO Pirate creations! He has Instagram, Flickr and a LEGO Ideas profile, so you should follow all of them! Particularly his LEGO Ideas profile so you can vote immediately when submits more Pirate themed creations.

About You

You should acquire this set if you have not already done so, and then you should create variants for the LEGO Pirates theme. What would a red coat Imperial Guard sailboat look like?  What would an Imperial Armada sailboat look like? What would a Pirate version of the sailboat look like?

These are all questions which need to be answered! Sail over to the LEGO Pirates Forum to discuss the possibilities with the Classic Pirates, or if you happen to have already created a pirate variant of the sailboat, share your photos…


“6260 Shipwreck Island Remake” by MyFirstMOC

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 Featured Image for "6260 Shipwrecked Island Remake"

Reinterpreting LEGO Pirate sets is a common inspiration for MOCers. It allows them to dive deep into their nostalgia while reinvigorating old designs with newer parts and colours.

MyFirstMOC has long since departed from the eponym of his name by digitally building a variety of LEGO Pirate MOCs. Starting with Imperial builds like the Fort Hunyadi but recently graduating to remastering the classics.

6260 Shipwreck Island is the third official set to receive a digital makeover and as you can see it’s brimming with detail and colour!

Front of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

It retains all the charm of the original but introduces many new features

MyFirstMOC writes:

I put out a small vote yesterday that featured a redesigned version of the 6260 set with two types of backgrounds and a few element differences. The majority voted for each picture. But I like the version in picture two better. You can see these two versions a little bigger now because you couldn’t see every detail in the story

Back of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

They must have been here for a while for all that luscious vegetation to grow

Front-left of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Notable additions include an anchor, some (empty) bottles of rum, crates (also empty) and fish they’ve somehow caught

Back of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Around the side we learn there were a couple more shipmates who didn’t quite make it…

Right of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Around the other size we get a better look of the upgraded cannon enclosure


Top Down View of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

From above this is Sea Eagle’s view

Left corner of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Shipwreck Island… laden with use parts… ripe for the taking by the Imperial Armada!

Close-up of the interior of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

Upon closer inspection…

Another Close-up of the interior of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

So if the map is stashed with the treasure – how is anyone supposed to find the treasure?

Another top Down View of 6260 Shipwreck Island Remake

We hope one day, Captain Redbeard sails by to rescue these port scallywags

Not familiar with 6260 Shipwreck Island?

Box Art for 6260 Shipwrecked Island

The front Box Art for 6260 Shipwrecked Island

6260 Shipwrecked Island was one of the original LEGO Pirate sets in the initial wave released during 1989.

Along with 6270 Forbidden Island and 6235 Buried Treasure, it was the middle-sized island based set. Well, until 1991 when the even larger 6273 Rock Island Refuge was introduced.

It remained in production for a few years and was replaced by 6259 Palm Hideout in 1992.

Fort Hunyadi on LEGO IDEAs

MyFirstMOC also submits his work to LEGO Ideas, the aforementioned Fort Hunyadi is one such example. So give it your support and get another LEGO Pirate themed creation to 10,000 supporters!

"Fortress of Hunyadi" by Zsolti (@MyFirstMoc)

Vote for this on LEGO Ideas – you know you want to!

About the Builder…

MyFirstMOC (also known as Zsolti by some) is a digital builder who regularly posts his creations to Instagram.  He also submits builds to LEGO Ideas so be sure to follow him there too and vote for his Imperial Fortress!

And once you’ve done that, sail by the LEGO Pirates Forum to discuss his Shipwreck Island Remake!

“Fortifications” by BrickOn

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 Featured Image for "Fortications" by BrickOn

Brethren of the Bricks Seas has been a popular role playing game in the LEGO Pirates Forum for centuries now. It’s like an ever-expanding universe in which participants continue to contribute fascinating creations to build their world further. In the past, we’ve blogged about other participants like that Duplo loving rascal known as EvanCelt, but BoBS attracts hundreds of contributors!

BrickOn has constructed some “Fortifications” at King’s Harbour on the island of Cocovia, which is a colony of the island of the Empire of Corrington.

Despite being stationed by traditional red coat Imperial Guards, the fortification are built from timber, rather than the typical white clay over red bricks which are commonly seen. Oh, and they have a nice clock… but it only chimes every second hour due to a mosquito getting stuck in the gears.

The Main Fort of the Fortications

This is the Main Fort – as you can see there is a very important looking minifigure there and it ain’t Admiral Woodhouse

The Story


“Well, what? It’s a tree house.”

Sir James and Lieutenant Watton were surveying the newly erected belltower.

“Well with limited materials…” Lieutenant Watton tailed off; the bell tower had been constructed quickly, it was important to get an early warning of approaching ships. The waters had become increasingly hostile and these new lands must be defended against the upstart pretentions of the other colonies, even the sea rats were pushing their luck these days.

“My younger brothers have better treehouses, back in Corrington.” Sir James continued, “We had the best of the Corrington fort builders in the new world working for four and twenty days and this is what they came up with?”

Yes, thought the Lieutenant, he had wondered about the choice of Corrington builders, but on this occasion chose to remain quiet on the subject, instead he said. “I think the men would prefer to be at sea Sir James”.

“Well so would I, you know it, but Queen Annette has hundreds of miles of coastline to defend from the Oleonders and we have been tasked with this section. What am I going to tell the other Captains when they see this ram-shackled collection of outposts?”

“You could tell them the location is good. But truly, I’d be surprised if they have built much more substantial fortification at this time, it is very early days. Merryweather Lumberjacks, in Port Raleigh has been working overtime to meet the demand for timber in the area. Ship building is at an all time high you know, and maintaining the fleet is top priority. We had to trade the last of the rum to just to secure the wood we got for the treehou- I mean belltower.”

“Last of the rum? That is serious.” Sir James frowned, making a mental note to fix the rum supply as well as everything else. “Okay I suppose we could show them the new lens for the lighthouse. It is top of the range, latest scientific advances in lighthouse technology. Amplifies the light more than 10 times you know.”

“Yes Sir, its very good Sir” the Lieutenant was ever so slightly sick about hearing this marvelous technology, it was hard enough to get the damned thing up the tower.

Just then a messenger came with hurriedly up to Sir James, coughing to announce his presence and before either the Lieutenant or Sir James could react he began to speak. “Sir James I have a urgent message, you have been asked to attend immediately at in Arlinsport”

As the Lieutenant watched Sir James stride off into the distance, thinking that could have gone worse when one of the guards came rushing up to him.

“Lieutenant, the cat’s got stuck in the bell tower again.”

Lookout tower of the Fortications

This is the lookout tower – too bad there aren’t any close-up images

BrickOn writes:

When Asked what was under the fort BrickOn replied:

There’s nothing under the fort yet, I mean there is definitely room for a prisoner or two, but that was not the purpose of placing gates and its not intended as a prison. I guess the fort is built on limestone (probably an old carbonate reef, situated on a volcanic sea mount or something, that is now above the present sea level), and there is a natural cave system in the rock, it was there when we arrived. The Corries have not explored it yet and the locked gate was just to prevent unwanted invadors using it as a weak point, hopefully there is enough firepower to stop someone entering the caves, but who knows.

Cannon tower of the Fortications

The cannon tower – but what’s that upstairs? Again no close-up images to investigate further

Map of Cocvia

Map of the island of Cocovia

At all those named locations are the inspiration more great MOCs

If you’re interested in world building and how these fortifications coexist with other BoBS MOCs another contributor named Bregir writes:

King’s Harbour is first and foremost a naval base, and most activity is geared towards the repair, provisioning, maintenance, and outfitting of naval and merchant vessels. Obviously, the many sailors passing through, as well as the craftsmen and workers living there, is likely to give rise to a number of secondary and tertiary services over time, as the naval base expands.

Located in an excellent, defensible natural harbour, it is the perfect place for ships to refit, provision, and repair, or to take refuge from storms or enemies. The surrounding forests offers a reasonable source of cordage and timber for these purposes, as well as plenty of fruits, vegetables, and animals for provisions. Fresh water can be procured from multiple springs, or from the river flowing into the bay.

You can learn more in the Settlement, King’s Harbour, Cocovia, Corrington topic in the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum.

About the Builder…

BrickOn participated in Brethren of the Brick Seas throughout 2014 to 2016 but is now, unfortunately, missing in action. He does have a Flickr account but due to his disappearance, this  hasn’t been updated in a good while. Nonetheless, give it an inspection because he has several pirate-themed MOCs worth checking out.

If you’re keen to participate in some LEGO Pirate world building, steer towards the Brethren of the Bricks Seas sub-forum or hit the red discussion button below to share your thoughts on these thoughtifcations fortifications.

“Imperial Ship” by Knight 40k

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 Featured Image for "Imperial Ship" by Knight 40k

The Imperial Guard’s fleet is forever growing with new vessels being launched every time some AFOL feels inspired to bolster their forces.

This time it’s Knight 40k who has made Admiral Woodhouse proud by building a ship in their signature colours, which consists mainly of red and white. Rather like a candy cane or barbershop pole, actually. Probably not great for camouflaging into the horizon but the scheme is definitely on brand!

Also, this ship seams to attract a very diverse ray of hungry sharks, so if a poor sailor was to plunge overboard, his chances of getting back on deck are severely limited. Or completely severed .  Ha ha! Get it? (No? T’was a terrible pun anyway.

The Broadside of the Imperial Ship with cannons

If it weren’t for all those cannons this ship would be as menacing as Santa’s sleigh

Knight 40K writes:

This is my newly rebuilt Imperial Redcoat Flagship, I will let the images speak for themselves. If you would like to see how it used to look, click here. I am quite happy with the changes and how it turned out, I would never have thought hull color made such a difference in a ships appearance.
Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy it!

Starboard side of the Imperial Ship

The hatches are battened on this side and the ship does perhaps look most robust than Santa’s sleigh

Deck of the Imperial Ship with capstan and anchor

The crew mills about the capstan

Deck of the Imperial Ship with cannons

Man the torpedoes! Uhhh… the cannons

Deck of the Imperial Ship with Admiral and Daughter

Is that the Admiral and his daughter? Or maybe it’s his wife. You never know these days.

Stern of the Imperial Ship

Looking down you can see this ship is well crewed

Inside the Captain's Cabin of the Imperial Ship

Inside the Captain’s Cabin: Charts, navigation equipment and the originality sherry vessel

A close-up of the maps and equipment in the Captain's Cabin

Everything a good captain needs to plot a course to intercept pirates

Stern of the Imperial Ship

The stern is like a mighty Pegasus

Dighy on back of Imperial Ship

The jolly boat is ready for shore missions

Stern of the Imperial Ship from the Port side

The stern from the port side

Port side of the Imperial Ship

Count all the Imperial Guards – how many are there on deck?

Mermaid Figurehead of the Imperial Ship

The figurehead be a mermaid baring cross cutlasses!

Spinnaker mast of the Imperial Ship

Look closely at the details

The Imperial Guard in the Crowsnest

Nice view from the crowsnest!

Imperial Ship Capstan and Jacob Ladder

Looking through the Jacob Ladder

Imperial Ship split into compontents

This ship is kind of modular

Imperial Ship Gangaways and cannons

Here we get a closer look at the cannons

About the Builder…

Knight 40k has posted a couple of ships in the Pirate MOC Subforum in the past but little is known about this builder. We don’t have any social media or website links to share but we assume the name originates from the game Warhammer 40k. In fact, that game has a faction called “Imperial Knights” so perhaps they’re descendants of the Imperial Guards. Or maybe this is merely coincidental.

And now we come to the part where you should discuss this MOC in the LEGO Pirates Forum and share it on social media.


“The Tubinare, Privateering Catamaran” by Koalayummies

Monday, January 3rd, 2022 Featured Image for "The Tubinare, Privateering Catamaran" by Koalayummies

Usually Pirates prefer to cruise around the Caribbean in ships. Not large ships like frigates, mind you (unless they’re insane like Edward Teach), but much smaller vessels like sloops and cutters.

Historical accuracy out the window, Koalayummies, decided to break that stereotype and build a catamaran for his pirates. It’s a robust craft adored with traditional LEGO-inspired red and white striped sales, and if you take a closer look you’ll observe its armaments. Yes, sneaky cannons protruding for all directions to give potential threats an untimely blast.

The pirates appear to be sailing to a small island upon which an unfortunate sod has bitten the dust! He appears to have some loot (or is that birdseed in those sacks) and a mysterious key.  What does that key unlock? Koalayummies has not revealed the answer so it’s let up to your imagination…

Broadside of "Pivateer Cataraman"

Look out Indigo Islanders! The Pirates now have a superior catamaran!

Privateer Cataraman head on

The privateer catamaran is sailing straight towards us!
Oh look, a beehive!

Koalayummies writes:

…and also piracy!

Well, that’s a bit brief, but going by that description we assume these pirates are commissioned by a naval empires… and also have rogue tendencies. Well, what you consider a “privateer” is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

As the old saying goes: “One nation’s privateer is another nation’s pirate

Ok, so we just made that up on the spot.

Wide shot of Privateer Cataraman

Image King Kahuka’s face when he see’s this sailing towards the Islander Catamaran

The Privateer Cataraman from the side

Is that spear and chain on the side giving out “Waterworld” vibes?

Close-up of the stern of Privateer Cataraman

Koalayummies has packed a lot of detail into this build

Close-up of Privateer Ctaraman's stern

The minifigures are quite unique, certainly not the traditional combinations

Close-Up of the port side of the bow

Well armed with swords, a spear and guns. Watch out!

Privateer Cataraman along the island

The disadvantage of catamarans is there isn’t a cabin to shelter from the elements

A Closer Look at the Catamaran

Privateer Cataraman Isometric top view

Let’s strip back the minifigures and accessories for a closer look at the build

Privateer Cataraman Starboard side

It looks quite sturdy, doesn’t it?

Privateer Cataraman overhead view

Perfect symmetry – everything lines up nicely!


Before Ray the Castaway built his shanty, he did the typical marooned SOS thing and wrote “HELP” on the beach in big stone letters. His heart pounding with fleeting hopes of plane flying overhead would somehow find his rocky scribble legible enough to land (somewhere?) and pluck him from uncertain fate… and lack of WIFI.

Note to author: Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t have planes or WIFI. Yer dork!

A Marooned Castaway by Koalayummies

That’s not very easy to read, is it?

But seriously, this is a fine little vignette Koalayummies whipped up in early 2021, a good 18 months after he first posted his catamaran.

The two MOCs are probably unrelated but let’s pretend the privateers pirates will set sail to the castaway’s island next.  Not that it has much offer except for a delicious crab, a half drunken coconut and a shopping list someone accidentally left in a bottle.

About the Builder…

Koalayummies is a delicious marsupial from Australia who one day shared his creation in the LEGO Pirates MOC Subforum… and then never returned to tell us more about this catamaran or what that key unlocks.

What we can deduce from the photos he provided, he has a Flickr account in which he shares a variety of creations. There’s a couple more pirate themed MOCs among them but he’s got a rather eclectic selection of builds, ranging from Ghostbusters to mutant dolphins walking on two legs. Yes, really.

And now the time has come for you to head over to the LEGO Pirates Forum and share your thoughts on this catamaran with the Classic Pirates. Or share to your hearts content on social media using the  buttons below.

“The Warty Crab” by Marooned Marin

Sunday, December 26th, 2021 Featured Image for "The Warty Crab" by Marooned Marin

LEGO Pirate fans have lamented the lack of smaller vessels officially released in the LEGO Pirates Theme.  With the exception of the “Merchant’s cutter” in 6272 Imperial Trading Post, there weren’t any smaller ships released, despite the Castle and Adventurers themes enjoying ship sets constructed upon brick-built hulls.

So when a talented builder like Marooned Marin appears on the scene with a pint-sized vessel, it really packs a punch! Not only has built a fine craft, he’s also produced a slick comic backstory to accompany it!

Small pirate ship sailing towards us

The Warty Crab under the command of by Captain Red (who is not all inspired by the box art of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag)

Marooned Marin writes:

Dear all,

It all began one night, I believe this summer, as I roamed the vast oceans of Internet something small (simple) but utterly genius caught my eye on Classic-Pirates blog. I’m talking about “Caribbean Ribbit” by Legostein, a wonderful creation which immediately posed an old challenge for me: Can I Do More With Less?

I decided to put on hold work on two mayor vessels and go out and try to find the answer. I gave it my best, and so here I am.

I would like to point out my deep admiration for the massive amount of work you all do at this forum and on the Classic-Pirates blog. It is mind-boggling how much useful information and ‘know-how’ is accumulated. Bravo!

Stern of small LEGO Pirate Ship

Stern of the Warty Crab – such an infectious name!


  • Parts: 191 parts (without minifigure)
  • Dimensions: Width: 10.3cm (4″) | Length: 22.1cm (8.7″) | Height: 18.4cm (7.2″)
  • Weight: 107 grams
  • Estimated Cost of Parts: 24-30€ ($26-$34 USD) on BrickLink in 2021
  • Instructions available at Rebrickable.com

Rare Parts

The use of rare and unique parts is minimal with only one section of the build relied upon them. Three pieces of 2736 Technic and one Axle 1L with Tow Ball in black for bowsprit. The same part was obtained in gray and painted it black, bringing terrible nightmares to LEGO purists because of this abomination, but there was little choice!

Starboard side of small LEGO Pirate Ship

Here you can see the fine craftsmanship of the bowsprit

Deck of small LEGO pirate ship

A small but tidy deck providing easy access to the necessary equipment


The Warty Crab is a two sail, single masted vessel that bares a closer resemblance to a medieval cog than the average pirate sloop. Built for efficient light transport rather than warfare, it gives the impression of an easy target. But, what it lacks in firepower, it succeeds in unparalleled speed. Or put another way… “Catch me if you can dare, Imperial Guards!

Despite its petite structure, the vessel contains two compartments; the first is a visible cabin on the stern, in which the crew hunkers down in during squalls.  The second is concealed in the bow to provide convenient storage space to conceal gold from the treasure-hungry Imperial Amarda patrols.

Hold of small LEGO Pirate Ship

The hold… that’s where you’ll find the hidden gold!

Marooned Marin went to great lengths to ensure the build is sturdier than it looks. And boy is it sturdy! Well, as far as he’s concerned. While its not indestructible and cannot withstand a sudden fall from a tabletop (do let him know if yours survives), it won’t fall apart through general handling.

Comic Backstory

As I was marooned for a long time from LEGO and brick-world I was not aware of this community and can only regret I didn’t joined earlier, but that’s the price for being marooned.

Since I’m a new member I come to you bearing a small gift in a form of a short backstory. Enjoy.

Page 1 of LEGO Pirates ComicPage 2 of LEGO Pirates ComicPage 3 of LEGO Pirates ComicPage 4 of LEGO Pirates Comic
Page 5 of LEGO Pirates Comic

When will Part II Become Available?

We don’t know! Marin has not dropped any hints as to when he’ll be sharing new content so you’ll have to follow us on social media for future updates.

About the Builder…

As the name suggests, Marooned Marin was stranded on a dessert island, isolated from the AFOL community and thus oblivious to the existence of the LEGO Pirates Forum. Never fear! For he managed to escape that desolate island to share this wonderful creation with us.

If you’d like to build your own Warty Crab, you can acquire the instructions from Marin’s ReBrickable profile, and the images for both the MOC and comic are available on BrickSafe.

Finally, if you’d like keep up with his future work, he’s just setup an Instagram account.

Now come, there is much discussion to be had in the LEGO Pirates Forum where you can meet Marooned Marin yourself! We’re waiting for you…

“Magnetic North Frigate” by Professor Thaum

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 Featured Image for "Magnetic North" by Professor Thaum

Professor Thaum works hard to keep the LEGO Pirates Forum orderly, but in his “spare” spare time he is also a fine ship builder.

Actually, the Classic Pirates were previously unaware of these talents as this MOC is his MOCing debut.

After two years of trial and error, he has launched the “Magnetic North“, a frigate with a unique turquoise colour scheme and custom sails.

Starboard side of the "Magnetic North"

BEWARE – this vessel is well crewed and carries 20 guns!

Starboard side of the "Magnetic North"

Custom sails and custom flags = extra time and effort

Broadside of the "Magnetic North"

Also, great attention has been paid to the rigging – this requires much patience!

Professor Thaum writes:

A 2 years job, with many restart.

Indeed, I was very interested by the “Grenouille” by MocYourBricks, but I’m afraid this is not my main inspiration. I started from some old pics describing a ship tumblehome – I can’t remember who send me those pics ( many years ago ) but I’m probably very close to the origin ( and those pics certainly inspired the Grenouille ).

There are many, many, many tips I borrowed in this ship, from many builders ( too many to remember who ) but there are still many ideas from my own.

To be honest, I have a bigger ship WIP with that kind of hull, and it was started 5 or 6 years ago (so before the Grenouille was posted/created – But sure the Grenouille is a wonderful ship ! No doubt!)

Gangways on the deck of the "Magnetic North"

The gangways and a jolly boat

The captain's cabin of the "Magnetic North"

Take a peak inside the captain’s cabin – there be a star chart for navigating the regions unknown

The "Magnetic North's" Map Wrack

She’s got a fine wrack! Of maps that is. For the record; we’re talking about a map wrack..

The Inspiration

Professor Thaum studied hard to build this ship.

Professor Thaum's notes for building the "Magnetic North"

He took notes… the old fashioned way!

Diagrams Professor Thaum used when building the "Magnetic North"

He researched the old-fashioned way too! Yes, he read books!

Secret of the Sails

The professor shares some insight into the process he used to make the sails.

Diagrams Professor Thaum used when maing the sails

Too bad we don’t have an English translation

I have templates for each sails of the Hermione. Just have to put it on the scale.

The sails are made of white cardstock sheets of paper, 24 x 32 cm sized (I don’t know if this match any Anglo Saxon format).

The lining hemmed part is a double layer of paper (one very narrow and carefully cut and pasted on the sail) which is colored in blue with a felt-tip pen.

The sail seams are made with lead pencil and a ruler, so are rows of reefs (but much more thick).

The compass rose was printed on the paper by… a PC printer.

And the holes at the corners are made with a single puncher.

About the Builder…

Professor Thaum has been Regulating the LEGO Pirates Forum for some time now. Since he’s new to the world of building MOCs, he doesn’t have an Instagram and Flickr account where you can view more of his creations, but we’ll keep you posted in that changes.

Come now! Let’s discuss the “Magnetic North” in the LEGO Pirates Forum with Professor Thaum – just hit the red “Discuss In Forum” button below.


“Dimension Portal Lighthouse” by Delusion Brick

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 Featured Image for "Dimension Portal Lighthouse" by Delusion Brick

Delusion Brick is one those 10K Club Members who submitted a Pirate themed MOC (Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress to be precise) to LEGO Ideas, have it reach 10,000 supporters… and then be mercilessly flunked during the review process (infuriating many LEGO Pirate AFOLs no less!)

But this was not the first piratical creation he put forth, back in 2017 he unleashed “Dimension Portal Lighthouse“. In the tradition of Horror of Fang Rock, this build depicts a spooky monolith rising above the sea with ethereal green lights penetrating its misty shroud.

Clocking in at a measly 228 supporters, this submission barely got off the start line, but it sure does make a fitting MOC to share for Halloween.

Top of the lighthouse

Starting at the top

Middle of the lighthouse

Moving down to the middle…

Dock at the base of the lighthouse

And at the base of the lighthouse is this creepy lighthouse keeper

Delusion Brick writes:

The story talks about a Lighthouse that is not like the rest! It stands like an illuminated ‘door’ for different worlds calling out on the bold that will find him and allow them to take them on a journey in magic worlds.

With its guard holding all the keys for any destination… if you ever get lost, he is the one to find you and bring you back!

Isometric view of the lighthouse

A lovely aerial view of the lighthouse

The Dimension Portal Lighthouse

Make a good set, wouldn’t it? Well too bad! It’s not happening!

LEGO Ideas

Unfortunately the Dimension Portal Lighthouse did not transcend to the next dimension on LEGO Ideas, after 425 days it only accumulated a paltry 228 supporters. If only the Classic Pirates weren’t in hibernation back in 2017.

LEGO Ideas Statisics for the Lighthouse

This is what happens when you don’t give your support!

About the Builder…

Delusion Brick is a highly talented digital designer who regularly updates his Instagram and Flickr with new builds. He’s a two-time LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member so visit his LEGO Ideas profile to support his submissions – the Indigo Islander themed The Secret Island of Time could really use your help right now – make King Kahuka proud!

And now it is time to discuss the lighthouse with the Classic Pirates in the LEGO Pirate Forum.


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