Mikey J's LEGO Dungeons & Dragons Map with monsters

Dungeon & Dragons… but with LEGO Pirates

Dungeon & Dragons and LEGO Pirates be an unlikely crossover but Captain Pirate Man (also known as Mikey J Productions on YouTube) has made the improbable, probable!

Let’s discover how he’s achieved this unlikely feat…

Mikey J writes:

Long story short, I have come up with a Virtual Table Top Dungeons and Dragons experience. These videos will encompass the FOLLOWING themes: Pirates, Castle, LOTR, D&D, and Harry Potter. For more details, watch this!!

Ok, let’s watch this!

And for those who can’t view embedded videos here be a convenient button so yer catch watch the video upon YouTube:

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What is Dungeon & Dragons?

Dungeons & Dragons (often abbreviated to D&D or DnD) is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) originally created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and first published in 1974.

D&D is commonly recognised as the dawn of modern role-playing games and has influenced video, board games, and related media… and now an official LEGO set, 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale*.

Front and back of the box for 21348 Dungeons and Dragons

Back and front of the box for 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale*

21348 Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale

Combine 3,745 pieces and you can discover the Legend of the Red Dragon

Even if yer not into role playing this set would still make a fine addition to yer LEGO Castle collection or building parts library.

* official affiliate link provided for your convenience.

Who is Mikey J Productions?

Since 2010 Mikey and Jen Johnson have been a prolific husband and wife content creating duo with a focus on producing video media covering LEGO Pirates, Castle, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, and now Dungeons & Dragons.

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel:

Mr and Mrs Mikey from MikeyJProductions

Mike and Jen Jonson of Mikey J Productions

Their video coverage provides regular updates on official LEGO set releases, news from the AFOL community, speed builds and tours of their impressive LEGO collection.

Like all good content creators they offer a variety of methods to connect, including a Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram account.

So connect with them because they’ll take care of you! And not in the mafia way.

What Do Yer Think?

Are you a Dungeon & Dragons fan?  Would yer like to give Mikey J’s version a try? Or would you procure the Dungeons & Dragons set* for other purposes?

Mikey J's LEGO Dungeons & Dragons Map

Remember those mats that used to be in the bottom of Happy Meal trays…

Like Mikey J’s Dungeons & Dragons video on YouTube and share yer thoughts in the comments.

Then off to the dungeon LEGO Pirates Forum with yer to be immersed in Mikey J’s new fantasy world!


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