Talking Skull Promotion Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Skull Promotion you are bound to certain terms and conditions. You must also agree to the conditions of the Terms of Use and Disclaimer. will probably not vary these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis, however we reserve the exclusive right to do so. Please ensure on each visit to our site that you are up-to-date with our current Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of our website constitutes your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions irrespective of the date they were last revised.  If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions you may not use or access our website


The use of “”, “our” and “we” in these terms refers to any person involved in the development, administration, moderation, content creation and ongoing maintenance of the Talking Skull Interface,, the LEGO Pirates Forum hosted by or any Social Networking Profile with branding.

“Participation” constitutes the submission of data to the server or by visiting the URL or any of its variants. Information is submitted to the server each time you access our domain.

“Talking Skull Interface” refers to the webpage at or variants of that address.

“Magic Words” are code words which grant access to the Prize Cave or reveal hidden Prize Code.  You must determine these yourself through clues given by the Talking Skull Interface or hints offer through Facebook page, Twitter feed, RSS feed or mailing list.

“Prize Cave” is the interior space of the Talking Skull.

“Prize Code” is a unique identifier corresponding to each of the prizes in this promotion.

“Internet Browser” is the software which you access the Talking Skull Interface.

“Internet Device” is the hardware which you use to access the Talking Skull Interface.

“Cookies” are temporary files stored in your Internet Browser to hold data relating to your use of the Talking Skull Interface.

Using the Talking Skull Interface

1.1 You agree you will not circumvent the Talking Skull Interface and all data submitted to the server must be submitted through the input form at

1.2 You agree you will not customize, reengineer or in any way modify the Talking Skull Interface.  This includes employing third party scripts or applications, gaining unauthorized access to the server, or downloading any component of the interface to your hard disk, other than the temporary files stored in your Internet Browser cache.

1.3 Cookies must be enabled in your Web Browser.   The Talking Skull Interface requires cookies to store session data, but does not store personal or identifying information.

1.4 Misconduct includes the submission of spam, advertising, profanity or any material we deem inappropriate.  Misconduct may result in temporary suspension from the Talking Skull Interface, disqualification from the promotion and claim to any prizes.

1.5 The Talking Skull Interface accepts responses in British English but also accepts words borrowed from other languages.   There will be no recourse if the Talking Skull Interface does not recognize your input.

1.5.1 It is your responsibility to ensure correct spelling.  The Talking Skull Interface may not accept regional variants, informal spelling or common misspellings.

1.5.2 Names may possess several variations which the Talking Skull Interface does not recognize.  It is your responsibility to determine the accepted variant.

1.5.3 Northern American LEGO set names remain in Northern American English.

1.5.4 The Talking Skull Interface only accepts standard alpha-numeric characters. Special characters including punctuation marks, symbols, fractions, accented alphabetical characters or any non-standard alpha-numeric character, must be substituted with their standard alpha-numeric counterpart.

1.5.5 The Talking Skull Interface accepts a maximum 32 character input and no more than three words and one number.

1.6 The Talking Skull Interface logs all user data submitted.  These logs will never be publicized in their entirety however certain data may be captured and used to resolve disputes or infringements of these terms.

1.6.1 You are not entitled to view these logs under any circumstances.

1.7 The Talking Skull Interface is designed to function in the latest Internet Browsers.

1.7.1 It is your responsibility to ensure your system / Internet device is capable of rendering the Interface.

1.7.2 We will not be held liable for your inability to access or use the Talking Skull Interface, nor any affect it has on your system / Internet device, during or after its use.

1.7.3. We will not be held liable for any technical difficulties or damage to hardware or software you may experience as a result of accessing the Talking Skull Interface.

1.8 We are not liable for any emotional or physical state you may experience during or after accessing the Talking Skull Interface.

1.8.1 We are not liable for any behavior you exhibit  or misfortune you experience during or after using the Talking Skull Interface.

1.9 You accept the Talking Skull Interface access is available on an “as is” basis and we provide no guarantee the interface will be accessible at all times.

1.9.1 You understand the Talking Skull Interface may require maintenance and updates.  We provide no estimate for how long modifications will take to complete nor any responsibility for affect it may have on the Talking Skull Interface or your user experience.

1.9.2 In the event of a security breach we may need to alter or completely change the Prize Code and Magic Words.


2.1 In order to claim a prize you must enter the correct Prize Code for that prize.

2.1.1 You accept this code must be quoted exactly as displayed in the Talking Skull Interface. This includes the correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.  For this reason it is recommended you Copy and Paste the entire Prize Code to ensure accurate duplication.

The Prize Code must be in this format:  PRIZE#00 – EXAMPLE CODE

This includes the word “PRIZE” in uppercase, the hash symbol, the hyphen symbol and both spaces surrounding the hyphen symbol followed by the identifying word(s).

2.1.2 Prize Codes will only be accepted in the Talking Skull Prize Thread. You accept if you quote a Prize Code outside of the Prize Thread you will not be eligible to receive a prize.

2.1.3 Prize Code quoted outside the Prize Thread or misquoted inside the Prize Thread becomes available to other entrants who are entitled to use that Prize Code in the Prize Thread and win the prize instead.

2.1.4 We reserve the right to interrogate the means in which you determined the Prize Code or Magic Words.  If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate how you legitimately determined the Prize Code or Magic Words you will be deemed ineligible for receiving prizes and/or disqualified from the promotion.

2.2 You may claim more than one prize however there is only one prize per Prize Code.  Consolation prizes will not be offered to those who submit previously submitted Prize Code.

2.3 The prize winner will be determined by whoever first enters the correct Prize Code for that prize in the Talking Skull Prize Thread.   Prizes will not be awarded to those who submit Prize Code with minor variations or errors, whether they are accidental or intentional.

2.4 Prizes are not exchangeable with other items or redeemable for cash.

2.5 If the terms of this promotion are not met, we are under no obligation to release any prizes in our prize inventory.

2.5.1 Unclaimed prizes may be reused in future promotions.

2.5.2 If the Magic Words remained undetermined after the 1 February 2011 we are under no obligation to grant entrance to the Prize Cave.


3.1 Prizes will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia via registered international post.   Please allow up to 10 weeks for delivery., Eurobricks or the supplier will not address any delivery concerns prior to the conclusion of the 10 week delivery period.

3.1.1 The Mystery Prize will be shipped from the USA.

3.2 While every effort will be taken to ensure prizes arrive in new condition,, Eurobricks and the supplier will not take responsibility for theft, loss or damage incurred during transit.  Replacement parts, sets, instructions, or boxes will not be issued, nor any form of compensation offered.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not participate in this promotion or use the Talking Skull Interface.  If you are found to have violated any of the conditions you may be disqualified and lose claim to any prizes you may have won.  The decision of and Eurobricks staff is final and no dialogue will be entered into.

These terms and conditions were last revised January 7th 2011

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