General Contest Terms & Conditions


The terminology of these conditions is defined in the General Terms of Use.

General Contest Terms & Conditions

By entering contests, challenges and promotions hosted by Classic Pirate you agree to:

  1. The Classic Pirates General Terms of Use.
  2. The Classic Pirates Privacy Policy.
  3. The rules and terms specific to the contest, challenge or promotion you are entering.

Acceptable Content

Do not submit content:

  1. Depicting modern weaponry or firearms.  Antique or replica weaponry may only be depicted in a historic context.
  2. Promoting commercial ventures or philanthropic pursuits, including:
    1. advertising
    2. logos
    3. corporate branding
    4. symbology
    5. religious or political messaging
    6. subtext unrelated to LEGO Pirates
  3. Containing sensitive materials that are:
    1. illegal
    2. defamatory or abusive
    3. discriminatory
    4. depict realistic graphic violence
    5. include profanity
    6. highly sexualized subject matter
  4. Unless stated otherwise, submissions must be is specifically LEGO Pirate themed related and therefore the following will not be accepted:
    1. General pirate media without a LEGO Pirate influence
    2. Other LEGO themes E.g. Castle, Vikings, Ninjago, Adventurers, etc.
    3. Crossovers modern pirates, Steampunk, Space Pirates, Sky Pirates, etc.

Quality Standards

Your images must be of suitable quality with clearly visible subjects.

  • Image resolution requirements:
    • at least 1080px wide by 1080px tall
    • 24bit colour
    • JPG format
  • While professional photography is not required, your image submissions cannot be:
    1. grainy
    2. dark
    3. out of focus
    4. blurred
    5. distorted
    6. aggressively cropped
    7. stretched or squashed
    8. heavily filtered
    9. or obscured to a degree which the subjects are concealed or unrecognisable.

Social Media

While you may be encouraged to share or promote your submissions via social media and/or other websites, Classic Pirates does not take accountability if:

  • you violate the Terms of Use of any platforms via which you share content.
  • you are unable to access a platform.

Nor does Classic Pirates take accountability for the actions of any platform when:

  • your content is modified.
  • your content is removed or data is lost.
  • restrictions are imposed on your account or your account is terminated.
  • your content is used in the platform’s promotion initiatives or sold to third-parties.
  • transmitted or misused by your audience or third parties with access to the platform.


  1. It is your responsibility to ensure:
    1. The LEGO sets you select as prizes are available in your local region.
    2. If selecting a LEGO Gift Card or e-Gift Card as prize, you are able to use them in your local region.
    3. ships to your address.
    4. You provide the correct shipping information.
  2. if you’re unable to accept a prize another winner will be selected.
  3. If you’re unable to accept a prize you may still participate, however you acknowledge that you will not be compensated for your submissions.
  4. Classic Pirates will not take accountability for:
    1. Missing prizes dispatched by
    2. Administration errors on the behalf of
    3. Inaccurate information provided by yourself.


  1. You grant permission for the Classic Pirates to transmit or repurpose your submissions on any Classic Pirates website, social media profile or promotional media.
  2. If requested, you must be able to provide us with a higher resolution version of your image files via Email.


  1. The Classic Pirates crew and Eurobricks staff reserve to remove participants and submissions considered to be in violation of these terms.
  2. The Classic Pirates crew and Eurobricks staff decision is final and without prior notice reserve the right to:
    1. Modify these terms at any time
    2. Extend, shorten or change deadlines, or any dates advertised
    3. Modify the prizes advertised
    4. Terminate the entire contest prior to advertised dates without notice.
  3. No guarantee is issued that your submissions will be utilised, shared or remain on any Classic Pirate website or social media profile.
  4. All links to are official affiliate links provided for your convenience.
  5. If you do not agree to any of these conditions, you are not eligible to participate or observe.
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