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POLL: Which LEGO Pirate Captain is Your Favorite?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

LEGO Pirate Captain

Which one is your favorite?

We all have a favorite LEGO Pirate Captain! Head over the forums to participate in a poll. Which one is your favorite? Are you more old school or new school? Why?

Tell us which is your favorite and discuss it in the forum.

4184 Black Pearl vs 4195 Queen Anne’s Revenge

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Vote which LEGO set is better - 4184 Black Pearl or 4195 Queen Anne's RevengeTell us which one of the two latest LEGO pirate ships is the one you prefer - Pirates of the Caribbean's 4184 Black Pearl or 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge? Which one would you rather buy? Or if you have them both, which one do you like more? Share your thoughts with us in the forum and cast your vote!

Proceed to 4184 Black Pearl vs 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge!

What do you prefer? Classic-Pirates or Pirates of the Caribbean?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

vote discussion poll opinion thoughts tlg group voting pirates caribbean classic soldiers imperialSo with the new Pirates of the Caribbean line in the stores it's time to decide whether you prefer this new theme, or the Classic-Pirates theme, or perhaps you don't care? The new theme has many new parts and very detailed torso's, but some people don't like fleshies, or have complaints about misprinted parts or pearl gold treasure. Please make a vote, discuss your choice, and we may inform The LEGO Group about your thoughts!

Visit What do you prefer? Classic-Pirates or Pirates of the Caribbean?

in the forum.

Which is better – Skull’s Eye Schooner or Imperial Flagship?

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Which is better - Skull's Eye Schooner or Imperial Flagship? Vote!6286 Skull's Eye Schooner and 10210 Imperial Flagship are the two biggest ships ever released by The LEGO Group - the former being from 1993, the latter from 2009. They are both great sets with lots of cool features and details, and they just look amazing! However, we want to know - which one of the two do you prefer? Cast your vote in our poll and feel free to explain your decision!

Skull's Eye Schooner or Imperial Flagship? - vote now in our forum!

The best LEGO sailing ships?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011
The best LEGO sailing ships

Vote now for your favorite vessel!

It's time to vote and decided which are the best "minifig illusion scale" sailing ships ever build with LEGO. As explained in the nomination thread, "minifig illusion scale" means a ship that's usually build on existing LEGO hull pieces (or with a brick build hull of similar size). These ships create the 'illusion' of being minifig scale, but are usually a bit smaller.

More than 30 ships are nominated and you can divide a total of 7 point over them. We do put a limitation of maximum 4 points per ship. For each ship that you give points you must clearly indicate the number + name of the ship and the number of points you want to give to it. This will make our lives easy when counting all the votes.

Go HERE and cast your vote now!

Poll: Will the switch to natural-flesh-toned Pirates be permanent?

Friday, December 3rd, 2010
Click here to discuss the issue in the forum.

Flesh or yellow, what will it be?

All the recent talking about the new Pirates of the Caribbean-line raised a new question. Since all the recent licensed LEGO themes contain flesh-coloured minifigs, and they will probably continue doing so in the future, it may seem odd to match them up with the yellow minifig's that most of us already have. So do you think this switch to natural-flesh-toned minifigs will be permanent for the Pirates line (or perhaps for all themes) after the POTC license ends? And there are more questions concerning this issue.

Let us know what you think in the Pirates LEGO forum!

Poll: Which LEGO Sharks would you like to see in future Pirate Sets?

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Mister Phes wants to know!

For the 2009 Pirate Theme the LEGO Group used the newer, larger sharks which first appeared in the Agent sets.

  • Would you prefer to see a return to classic sharks if future LEGO Pirate sets are released?
  • Or maybe it should be the newer shark all the way.
  • Or perhaps it could be a mixture of both, depending on the set
  • Or maybe the LEGO Group should

But how do Pirate LEGO fans feel about this change?

Cast your vote in the Pirate forum and tell us what you think!!!

Is it too late to get into LEGO Pirates?!?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Too late to collect LEGO Pirates?

The LEGO Pirates line has been cancelled for the time being.  Something us Pirate fans are all too familiar with, but to a new comer, the question has been asked.  "Is it too late to get into the LEGO Pirates Theme?  Most of us will immediatly shout out, "of course not!"   Listen to both sides and vote your opinion.

Add your opinion in the Pirate forum.

Poll: Please tell us your screen resolution and browser

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010



Mister Phes wants to know!

Big  changes are coming to this forum in the not too distant future so its time to determine which browser and screen resolution the majority have.

Please vote in the poll above and leave comments in the forum thread.
If your browser or screen resolution isn't listed in the poll please post what you have.

Comment on the Poll in the pirate forum!

Review: 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner by Lortentzen

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Skulls Eye Schooner Review by Lorentzen

Eurobricks member Lorentzen shares his review about the famous Skulls Eye Schooner with us! With clear pictures and a lot of information he shows us every nice aspect and feature of this legendary LEGO set.

Time for you to discuss the 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner Review by Lortentzen in the forum!

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